Square Enix retires Eidos publishing label

Japanese pub consolidates operations in Europe and NA, confirming some headcount reduction; British company's name will live on through dev studios.


At the end of April, Square Enix concluded its acquisition of Eidos Interactive, a British publishing house that had fallen on hard economic times despite owning a number of top gaming properties. As part of the £84.3 million ($136 million) deal, Eidos was folded into the Square Enix Group, which also includes Square Enix's global game development-publishing arm, as well as 2005 acquisition Taito.

Lara Croft takes one more step toward a Kingdom Hearts cameo.
Lara Croft takes one more step toward a Kingdom Hearts cameo.

Today, Square Enix revealed one more step in integrating Eidos into its global organization with the formation of Square Enix Europe (a moniker still to be finalized). Current Eidos CEO Phil Rogers will head up Square Enix Europe, and John Yamamoto will continue to lead Square Enix's North American arm.

As detailed in a statement provided to UK-based gaming site CVG, the new publishing label will combine Square Enix and Eidos' European publishing labels. Eidos' North American operations have also been impacted by this move, with the publisher saying that all publishing duties have been transferred to Square Enix in the region.

As a result of the move, Square Enix will be retiring the Eidos publishing label, though the venerable name will live on through the company's various development outfits. Square Enix also confirmed that the restructuring will result in an unspecified number of layoffs as redundant positions are consolidated in both Europe and North America.

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