Sound Byte Radio Episode 16: Remember Me, Fez, Final Fantasy XIII-2

We jump start this month's music podcast episode with remixes and genre mash-ups from Halo 4, Fez, and Final Fantasy XIII-2


The Sound Byte Radio podcast is back to showcase the greatest in video game music. While we feature a few recent original songs, we also have added a few remixes of past tunes to liven things up a bit.

It takes a lot of work and talent to take an original tune that's set to one style of music, and then rework it to become a completely different genre with part of its original notes and chords intact. On with the show!

Download the show here. Give us a shoutout or pass us song requests either on the comments box below or on Twitter (@MrToffee , @gs_soundbyte, @gamespot). Our backlog of Sound Byte Radio episodes are all here for your listening pleasure.

Stay tuned for the next episode later this month, as reparations for our absence.

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Music For Today's Show

Remember Me Original Soundtrack

Song: Nilin the Hunter
Composer: Olivier Deriviere
Buy from Sumthing.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack

Song: New Bodhum
Composer: Mitsuto Suzuki
Singer: ORIGA
Buy from Square-Enix store.

FZ: Side F

Song: Sync/Glitch
Remixer: Datasette
Original Composer: Disasterpeace Buy from FZ: Side F website.

Star Control 2

Song: Hyperspace
Composers: Eric Berge, Marc Brown, Tommy V. Dunbar, Aaron J. Grier, Dan Nicholson, Riku Nuottajärvi, Erol Otus, Kevin Palivec

Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Remixes

Song: Green and Blue (Koan Sound Remix)
Remixer: KOAN Sound
Original Composer: Neal Davidge
Buy from iTunes.

Maverick Rising (Mega Man X Music Arrangement Album)

Song: Put Ya Guns On (Mega Man X5 - Zero Stage 2)
Remixer: Diggi Dis
Original Composers: Naoto Tanaka, Naoya Kamisaka, Takuya Miyawaki
Download the track at the album's official site.

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