Sony's Killzone Vita Studio Hiring for New Project in "High Profile" Franchise

Is Guerrilla Cambridge working on another Killzone game while Guerrilla Games is focused on its new IP?

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Guerrilla Cambridge, a branch of Killzone studio Guerrilla Games, may have revealed the nature of its upcoming project, as a listing for a job at the studio states that the new hire will get to work on a major existing franchise.

The job listing for this audio programmer position (discovered by NeoGAF) states the individual will contribute to "forthcoming projects in a high profile, multi-million selling franchise." No other information is provided that could identify what franchise this is, but given the studio's history, Killzone is the most obvious candidate.

The job posting in question. Click for full size
The job posting in question. Click for full size

The Sony-owned Guerrilla Games has long been the developer responsible for the Killzone series. The studio doing the hiring--Guerrilla's UK branch, Guerrilla Cambridge--most recently developed Vita game Killzone: Mercenary (pictured above). Prior to assuming the Guerrilla name, the studio was known as SCE Cambridge Studio and was responsible for the MediEvil games, as well as the disappointing 24: The Game for PlayStation 2.

Given its well-regarded work on Mercenary, it seems possible that Cambridge could be working on another Killzone game. Along with two other first-party Sony studios, the developer suffered layoffs earlier this year.

We know that Guerrilla Games, coming off of PlayStation 4 launch game Killzone: Shadow Fall, is at work on a new IP that it's been talking about for years. This new game will be "completely different" from Killzone; producer Poria Torkan teased in May that it is "really awesome," but wouldn't elaborate further. Whatever this new project is, it wasn't seen at E3 because there remains "a lot of work" to be done.

What are you hoping that Cambridge has in the works--another Killzone, or a game in a different franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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