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New IP from Killzone dev is "completely different"

Guerrilla Games lead designer Eric Boltjes says studio has begun work on all-new, non-Killzone title; "As a studio, we do want to branch out."


Killzone series developer Guerrilla Games has begun development on an all-new intellectual property that is "completely different" than the sci-fi shooter series that the Sony-owned studio has become known for.

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"As a studio we do want to branch out, and we have started work on a new IP, something completely different to Killzone," lead designer Eric Boltjes told Eurogamer. "I don't want to say anything about it right now, but as a studio we do want to keep it fresh."

Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst originally revealed that the Netherlands-based studio was working on a new franchise during GDC Europe 2010. No details about the game have been announced to date.

A new franchise from Guerrilla Games has been a long time coming. The developer has not released a non-Killzone game since 2004's Shellshock: Nam '67, the studio's very first game.

The next title from Guerrilla Games in PlayStation 4 launch game Killzone: Shadow Fall, which will be available on disc and as a 50GB download. For more on that game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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