Sony Pulls "World's Fastest Platinum Trophy" Game From PSN

It's gone.


A game that promised the "world's fastest platinum Trophy" has been pulled from the PlayStation Store, according to the title's creator. ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated is a tile-sliding puzzle game whose developer claimed you could earn its platinum Trophy in under 20 minutes.

Now, however, Sony has apparently pulled the game from PSN. The game's creator, Top Rated, states the platform holder "has pulled the game temporarily and asked me to change the game's name and not mention Trophies in the Store trailer." The developer says it's happy to comply, but it doesn't know when the game will be live once again.

The title is a simple puzzle game that costs $0.98, seemingly designed purely to offer an easy platinum Trophy. It's unclear if the platinum will remain when the title returns to PSN--some downloadable games do not offer the prize, sticking only to bronze, silver, and gold Trophies.

We'll keep you updated if the game returns to the PlayStation Store.

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