Someone Has Played Crusader Kings 2 for 10,000 Hours

Have you ever loved a game as much as this person loves Crusader Kings II?

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Someone out there has played Paradox Interactive's strategy game Crusader Kings II for 10,500 hours, according to a recent collection of user statistics the publisher and developer has released.

That's a little more than a year of play time if you do the math, which is way more than the top reviewers on the game's Steam Store page, who like to joke about how much they played the game (note the "hrs on record" figures).

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Clearly, much like the Civilization series, Crusader Kings II is a huge strategy game you can play over and over again, for hundreds of hours. Even assuming that this top player left the game on idle for many hours doesn't take away from the impressive, perhaps frightening 10,500 hours figure. Consider that according to Paradox the average playtime is 99 hours.

Paradox also revealed that the since Crusader Kings II was released in February 14, 2012, the base game sold 1.1 million units and 2.5 million units of its numerous expansions.

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