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Some Helldivers 2 Players Are Using Elgato Stream Deck To Call In Stratagems

Democracy doesn't take shortcuts, and neither should you.


Some Helldivers 2 PC players are starting to use the Elgato Stream Deck to call in Stratagems while spreading democracy across space in the name of Super Earth.

This is a strategy that some PC players have already been doing, but it started to pick up more traction when the official Elgato X/Twitter account posted a video showcasing how it looks in action.

In that same tweet, Elgato links to a page detailing how players can set this up for themselves. Even though having the ability to call in any stratagem at the push of a button is helpful, it does take away some of the fun of calling one in while a player is getting swarmed by a squad of killer bugs/robots. Having this implemented does undermine the frantic tension tied to a key mechanic in the game.

Not to be confused with Valve's Steam Deck, the Elgato Stream Deck's original purpose is to help streamers keep track of various things, such as soundboards and shortcuts. But in addition to that, it can also be used to help players with shortcuts while gaming.

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