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Helldivers 2 May Soon Add Playable Mechs

For Super Earth!


Spreading democracy across the galaxy in the name of Super Earth may be getting a bit easier because players may be able to pilot mechs again in Helldivers 2.

Thanks to a video posted to the r/Helldivers Reddit by user Fozzye18, we can see a short 22-second video of a player controlling a mech and, near the end of the video, a small glimpse of how its weapons are in action. In the same Reddit thread, Fozzye18 explained that while piloting the mech, players can switch between rockets and machine guns at any moment. Though the footage looks legitimate, it's unclear how the Reddit user was able to share it.

They also explain that other players had access to new weapons, which include "like an energy rpg coming, a meteorite that hits like the nuke, a group of helldivers you can call in to support you(npcs), and more."

It's also worth pointing out that Arrowhead Game Studios has teased the usage of mechs in the past; they were also part of the first game. In a trailer released right before the game dropped, you can see a Helldiver entering a mech, with the words "Coming soon after launch" at the bottom of the screen.

But as of yet, there's no word on when mechs will officially join the fight. For more Helldivers 2 news, check out our story on how it should be even more like Starship Troopers and our story detailing how even some PlayStation fans want the game on Xbox.

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