Skyrim Can Now Be Played At 60FPS On PS5

A new mod unlocks the frame rate for PS4 and PS5 via backwards compatibility.


Haven't played enough Skyrim in the near-decade it's been out yet? A modder has unlocked a new way to play Skyrim with an uncapped frame rate, resulting in buttery-smooth 60FPS gameplay when played via backwards compatibility on the PS5. The best part is that no workarounds are required: it's available straight from the in-game mod directory.

The mod has been picked up by Digital Foundry, who last year demoed a similar video showing Skyrim and Fallout 4 running at 60FPS for the Xbox Series X/S. The mod itself was created by YouTuber Wrighton, who also posted an in-depth video on how the mod works, and how it was all figured out.

Digital Foundry's video on the mod doesn't only show how Skyrim in 60FPS looks on the PS5, it also compares it to how the mod runs on both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro. Curiously enough, the PS4 Pro runs at a lower frame rate on average than the base PS4, due to higher graphical demands causing the frame rate to dip more often. The video also compares the PS5's performance to the Xbox Series X/S frame rate mod, stacking the two new consoles against each other.

Anyone with a PS5 and Skyrim: Special Edition can check out Skyrim in 60FPS themselves, simply by searching for the "Skyrim @ 60fps" mod in the in-game mod menu. Digital Foundry also notes that by disabling the mod but not reloading the game, users can play a modded version of the game and still maintain trophy functionality.

With Skyrim re-releases so common they've become an enduring meme, it's possible that Bethesda will release a version of Skyrim for the PS5 at some point--and if they do, it's very likely it will play at 60FPS without the need for mods.

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