Skyrim On Xbox Series X Can Run At 60 FPS Thanks To Console Mods

The Xbox One version of Skyrim can be boosted to a higher frame rate with a certain mod available for consoles.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is playable on the Xbox Series X through backwards compatibility, and if you own the Special Edition version that released on Xbox One, you can now play at a higher framerate on the new console. You'll have to download a mod, which usually disables Achievements, but there's a workaround for that too.

On the Xbox Series X Reddit, user annathetravelbanana has shared a console mod that boosts the frame rate. It's called Uncap FPS, and turning it on boosts the game to 60 fps. This makes for a smoother console Skyrim experience than ever before.

There's also a workaround to get mods like this to run and still earn Achievements, as pointed out in the post comments. Once the mod is enabled, you need to restart the game, open the mod menu, disable the mod, and restart again--the mod will still be active, and Achievements will pop again.

Other users report that various graphics mods that would not work well with Xbox One now run well on the Series X, too. However, using these mods will still disable Achievements, so make sure you have all the ones you want before using.

It's not yet clear if this works with the Series S too, or if there's an equivalent PS4 mod that upgrades the game on PS5--but this is a good reminder that if you want to revisit Skyrim on next-gen, some console mods are probably going to run better than before.

Microsoft recently began the process of purchasing Bethesda ahead of the Xbox Series X launch, with the deal set to finalize in early 2021. This means that the next Elder Scrolls game will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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