Shadow Of The Colossus Creator Sent Sony List Of Changes He Wants For PS4 Remake

Maybe there'll be more changes than just updated graphics.


One of the surprise announcements out of E3 2017 was that a PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus is in the works. Although it's is in development at Bluepoint and creator Fumito Ueda isn't heavily involved, Ueda nonetheless has ideas about what the remake should be.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Ueda shared that he has submitted a list of proposed changes to Sony. Although he doesn't know if Sony will take them into account, there are several things he hopes will be modified from the original game.

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Speaking through a translator, Ueda said, "I transmitted my petition about the content and tuning but I don't know the implementation will be what I told." The translator explained later, "It's [Ueda] who wants to change something, but he doesn't know if it is possible to change all of the things he [wants] to change."

The remake is scheduled to launch in 2018, although few other details are known right now. Although the original game was made by Team Ico, the remake is being handled by Bluepoint Games, an American developer that is known for remastering other games. You can see some of Shadow of the Colossus' new visuals in the announcement trailer embedded at the top of this article.

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