Second Extinction Coming to Xbox Game Preview This Spring

Check out the latest trailer ahead of the Second Extinction's launch on Xbox Game Preview.


Systemic Reaction's co-op dinosaur shooter will finally be coming to Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One and Xbox Series X in Spring. Having already launched on Steam Early Access in October, Second Extinction throws teams of three players into a map where they have to hunt down dinosaurs that have resurfaced on the planet and have also undergone massive mutations.

Some dinosaurs have evolved to cover their bodies in thick plates of armor, others can spit acid at players, and some of these ancient beasts can even generate deadly blasts of bio-electricity when backed into a corner. Whichever beast you face, just know that they're all clever girls.

You can see more of the game in action in the trailer below.

One of the big features in Second Extinction is a community-driven metagame that Systemic Reaction calls War Effort. Every action taken within the game feeds into the overall challenge of Second Extinction, and the world will change on a regular basis. Each region will have one of three threat levels that dictate the dynamic difficulty of the game every week. Players won't just have to deal with more dinosaurs, but also new mutations that create a more dangerous challenge.

"From our progression systems to the kinds of additional content we want to add, longer-form elements of the game are based on our best guesses as to what players will respond to and how," game director Simon Vickers explained on the Xbox Wire. "The War Effort, our dynamic content and difficulty system, is entirely determined by the whole player base, which would (hopefully) be bigger than that of our tiny team here in Malmö."

When the full version does launch, players can expect a regular number of community events, more dinosaur mutations, weapons, seasonal content, and more experimental game modes in Second Extinction. Systemic Reaction hasn't revealed a release window yet for the dinosaur-hunting game, but any progress from these early versions will carry over into the finished product, allowing you to strut around in style.

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