Soon You Can Fight Mutated Dinosaurs With Second Extinction On Early Access

Hunt mutated dinosaurs in an FPS from Just Cause developer's new studio.


Second Extinction, the dinosaur-hunting FPS from Just Cause developer Avalanche's new Systemic Reaction studio, will come to Steam Early Access very soon. The studio has confirmed the game will launch there in September 2020.

Second Extinction's early access version will include a "really robust rock-and-roll shooter to play with," the developer said in an FAQ. The purpose of launching in an unfinished state is to "dial in our core gameplay and mechanics to the perfect frequency at launch," the team said.

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The early access will include the newly announced War Effort "metagame." The overall dino threat level in the game will depend on how players perform by killing dinosaurs, completing missions, and partaking in extra activities. "This constant wave of conflict will affect the kind of enemies, activities, rewards, and more you’ll encounter in any given region," Systemic Reaction said.

Systemic Reaction is not sure how long Second Extinction will stay in early access, only stating that it will be there for "as long as it takes."

"When the community is happy with the overall direction, and when we are ready to welcome more players to the party, we will leave early access," the studio said.

Progress made in the early access version of Second Extinction will carry forward to the full release when it launches. "So you'll be able to show off and strut around the community when all the full release noobs show up," the developer said.

The dinosaurs in Second Extinction won't be what you expect. They are mutated, and more deadly as a result. For example, there is a raptor in the game that has the power of electricity in addition to its own chompers. The game supports co-op for up to three players at a time.

Second Extinction is also coming to Xbox Series X, but there is no word on if it will come to the Game Preview program, which is similar to early access.

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