Russia Places Metro Writer On Wanted List For "Discrediting" Military

An arrest has been ordered for Dmitry Glukhovsky.


Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the science fiction novel Metro 2033 and its sequels, has been placed on Russia's wanted list for his critical remarks regarding the country's invasion of Ukraine.

Glukhovsky, who is not currently residing in Russia, took to messenger app Telegram to announce that he had been accused of breaking the country's new law that prohibits sharing 'knowingly false information about the use of Russian armed forces'.

"I am accused of discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a post on Instagram. Article 207.3, part 2. As aggravating circumstances - the accusation of the President of the Russian Federation of unleashing a war with Ukraine. I am ready to repeat everything that is said there: “Stop the war! Recognize that this is a war against an entire nation and stop it!"

Though many opposition figures and journalists have been under pressure by Russia over the past few months, Reuters reports that Glukhovsky stands as the first major cultural figure to be targeted by the country's new law. If arrested, he could face up to 15 years in prison for spreading what Russia deems fake news about its military.

Glukhovsky has worked directly with Ukranian developer 4A Games on its video game adaptations of his popular series of novels, including Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and Metro Exodus. 4A Games fled Ukraine in 2014 when Russia annexed the Eastern Ukrainian province of Crimea, and the studio now resides in Malta.

Over 100 days after it began, Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine doesn't appear to have a peaceful end coming in the foreseeable future. Though the Kremlin continues to state that the war is an attempt to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, those claims remain baseless as thousands of citizens have been killed and millions displaced by the conflict.

If you'd like to know how you can help the citizens of Ukraine, we have assembled a list of organizations you can donate to.

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