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Help Ukrainians In Need By Donating To Charity

Russia has begun an aggressive invasion of Ukraine, and civilians are at severe risk of being harmed or displaced. Here are some ways you can help.

As you may have seen in the news, Russia has begun an aggressive invasion of Ukraine, putting the safety of Ukrainian people in jeopardy. While the Ukrainian military defends its country and many NATO countries impose harsh sanctions on Russia, many ordinary civilians are at risk of becoming harmed or displaced.

Below is a list of organizations that are accepting donations to provide aid and support to civilians and wounded Ukrainian soldiers. The gaming community is large and has the potential to make great change, especially for those in need. That is why GameSpot is asking those who can to donate to organizations that are helping Ukrainians in need of support.

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Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Both the International Committee of the Red Cross and Ukrainian Red Cross Society provide humanitarian aid to hospitals, schools, and community centers, as well as repair to infrastructure like water-pumping stations and damaged homes.

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Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine provides care packages for Ukrainians. It is seeking clothes, shoes, household supplies, baby food (with expiration date no less than six months from date of purchase), diapers, medicine, and personal hygiene products. It also accepts monetary donations.

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Your donation today will support UNICEF’s ongoing programs and response to the escalating need in Ukraine by providing communities with safe water, urgent medical aid and healthcare services, child protection, education

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GSC Game World, headquartered in Kyiv, shared a statement of support for the Ukrainian military against the Russian incursion. Meanwhile 11 Studios announced that profits from This War of Mine will go toward the Ukrainian Red Cross. The digital games retailer also announced that its profits from This War of Mine will go toward the Red Cross as well.

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