Rocksmith+ Uses Your Phone, Has Subscription-Based Model

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Almost a decade after the release of guitar-teaching game Rocksmith, Ubisoft has announced a sequel: Rocksmith+, a subscription-based instructing platform with things like community tutorials. The game was revealed during Ubisoft Forward 2021 at E3, with a beta starting today, June 12.

You can sign up for the Rocksmith+ closed beta for PC now and use an existing dongle for support (if you still have one). A dongle isn't required, however, as you can also use just a guitar (acoustic, electric, or bass) and a phone. Rocksmith+ has converted into a subscription service this time, offering a large library of songs and guitars to choose from to start your guitar strumming journey.

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But the library isn't fixed, as Rocksmith+ will get new tracks weekly. And in addition to the songs, Ubisoft said in a blog post that practice tools and "other features" will be added regularly for free.

Whether you're new to the instrument or just looking to hone your skills, Rocksmith+ offers options for any skill level. One new feature, Riff Repeater, will let you select portions of a song and slow it down to your desired pace, letting you strum along as you build up familiarity with the progression.

Elsewhere, Rocksmith+ boosts community-driven features like how-to tutorials, lessons on music theory, and instrument care explainers through the game's free Rocksmith Discover online resource.

Rocksmith+ will be available on consoles, mobile devices, and PC later this year. Subscriptions start at $15 per month, with 3-month and 12-month memberships going for $40 and $100, respectively.

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