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E3 2021 Schedule: Nintendo, Capcom, Take-Two, And More

Here is what we know about the E3 2021 schedule.


E3 2021 isn't quite like past E3 events, as large gatherings are still not too common for industry events in the United States yet. Rather than host a large, in-person event like we've seen every other year except 2020, the ESA is hosting a digital show featuring a number of development and publishing partners. This will give everyone the chance to see trailers and announcements online while also giving companies the freedom to run events their own way. GameSpot is also participating in the gaming frenzy as an official E3 partner and the return of Play For All, which includes supporting AbleGamers.

It can be a lot to keep track of, particularly if you're used to the more rigid schedule of traditional E3 events. However, game companies have started to announce when they'll be hosting their own events, and we've organized them to make it as easy as possible to plan your personalized E3 viewing party.

E3 2021 is taking place from June 12 through June 15, and participating publishers will be hosting their own events within that timeframe.

However, we won't be limiting this breakdown to only official E3 events, because several publishers have chosen to forgo the ESA's structure for their own events. EA and Sony are two of the biggest players to do this in the past, and we will include their events if and when they announce them independently.

Recap of the show so far

We're currently on the final day of E3 2021 and we've seen the latest updates from Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and several other noteworthy games from smaller press conferences. Some of the biggest games we've seen so far are Starfield, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Guardians of the Galaxy, and much more. If you're in need a quick recap, then we've got you covered. Check out our growing article that encompasses the latest news and updates from the show so far. As of right now, Nintendo is still on the way, so be sure to keep track of the E3 2021 schedule to catch this press conference live.

How to watch E3 2021

This year's digital E3 will be available through a dedicated portal. This portal gives fans access to virtual booths and social lounges where they can meet each other and use forums, but it's kind of a mess. The booths will feature information from the different game publishers to make it easier to find the games you care about, and they'll also house VOD content.

You'll be able to use this portal to watch E3 content, as well as the official E3 Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

There are a whole bunch of different distribution partners, as well, which are available depending on your location.

E3 2021 Schedule

June 15

Bandai Namco

Time: 2:25 PM PT / 5:25 PM ET

Bandai Namco is quite the prolific publisher, and it's hosting its own event on the last day of E3. Current games in development include Tales of Arise, Scarlet Nexus, and a little game no one has ever talked about called Elden Ring. Because of its current lineup, we expect the presentation to be RPG-focused, but that could change with new announcements.

July 22

Electronic Arts

Time: TBD

EA was one of the first big publishers to break away from E3, instead choosing to host its own EA Play festivities at the same time. The company will also be holding an EA Play event in 2021, but this time it will be a virtual event on July 22. The Battlefield 6 reveal is happening the month prior, so we'll likely see gameplay during EA Play--typically, longer gameplay demonstrations are used at the event, as EA hosts festivities beyond a simple press conference.

Not participating


PlayStation was not listed among E3 partners when the ESA revealed its plans for the show. This would keep in line with what Sony has done over the last few years, as it has offered State of Play presentations without hosting a huge, blockbuster event. With the PS5 now available, however, we could see some sort of separate event.


Indie Live Expo

One of the earliest events happening this year was the Indie Live Expo, a Japanese indie game extravaganza with more than 300 different games. There are English-language and Chinese-language presenters in addition to the Japanese hosts, as well as live music.

Netflix Geeked Week

A little different from our other E3 events, as it's not focused exclusively on video games, Netflix Geeked Week featured a whole bunch of news and trailers on various Netflix series. These have included video game-themed shows in the past, like Castlevania, and with that series coming to an end, it also gave us a tease of a follow-up.

Playdate Handheld Update

We got a short Playdate Update video showcase presentation on June 8 that included information on what you'll actually be able to preorder the unique little handheld system, as well as which games will be included in its Season 1 lineup. We do know that there will be 24 games included in this season, and the console is getting an internal storage boost to 4 GB. The system was originally supposed to release back in 2020.

Battlefield Reveal

Battlefield 2042 got its first official reveal on June 9, though the trailer was largely a CG introduction to the game prior to a full gameplay reveal. A beta is coming, and the multiplayer-only title will feature the return of Conquest and other familiar content alongside brand-new experiences. It'll be available for current-gen and last-gen consoles as well as PC on October 22.

Summer Game Fest and Day of the Devs

Geoff Keighley is once again not associated with E3 this year, and has instead organized another Summer Game Fest to offer game announcements and news over several months. It began on June 10 with his Kickoff stream, and a whole bunch of games got updates and new information. None of that mattered, however, because there was an Elden Ring gameplay trailer at the end and we can't remember anything else.

Koch Media, the parent company of Deep Silver, hosted its own E3 event on June 11.

Wholesome Direct

Returning from last year, the Wholesome Direct included more than 75 different games, including Ooblets and Moonglow Bay. Some gpt during the show itself, and there was exclusive footage and interviews with game developers during the show.

Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft Forward began last year after the cancellation of E3 2020, giving the publisher a chance to show off and announce its games. We actually got two separate Ubisoft Forward presentations last year, and it's possible that could be planned again. Far Cry 6 and VR-based Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell projects are in the works, as well as the extreme sports game Riders Republic. During the show, a new Mario + Rabbids was announced.

Devolver Digital

Small game publisher Devolver Digital, known primarily for releasing indie-style games like Hotline Miami and My Friend Pedro, and its conference offered almost no actual game news, instead once again focusing on parodying other press conferences.

Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software, developers of Borderlands and now a subsidiary of the Embracer Group, and it held an event near the start of E3. It included a visit to the Borderlands movie set and a chat with Kevin Hart.

The Guerrilla Collective

Digital games festival The Guerrilla Collective returned for 2021, and two separate showcases focused on a variety of upcoming indie games as well as interviews with developers.

UploadVR Showcase

The UploadVR Showcase was back for E3 2021, and it will focusd on announcements, trailers, and updates exclusively for VR games. It covered content across Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, and PC-based VR devices.

Xbox and Bethesda

Microsoft's event this year was 90 minutes and included information on announced games like Halo Infinite was well as new reveals for titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Arkane's game Redfall. Almost every game shown will be free on Game Pass.

Square Enix

Square Enix has gotten into the habit of holding its own conferences for the last several years, and it hosted a presentation this year with information on Babylon's Fall, The Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Life is Strange.

PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show

PC Gamer and GamesRadar hosted the PC Gamign Show and Future Games Show on June 13. As per usual, these took an almost Mystery Science Theater approach to game announcements, replacing the earlier years' shows, which resembled late night talk shows.

Verizon Keynote Stream

Everyone's favorite gaming company, Verizon--wait, Verizon? Yes, the communications technology giant will be hosting an E3 keynote this year to discuss 5G and gaming. The technology is rumored to be used in an unannounced streaming service from Verizon, and it's possible we could hear more about this during the keynote.

Take-Two Interactive

The parent company of both 2K Games and Rockstar Games hosted a presentation for E3, though it wasn't focused on games. Instead, it was a panel discussions changes that should be made to foster diversity and inclusion in the industry.


Capcom hasn't usually hosted full E3 conferences in the past, but it hosted a showcase this year with a focus on four games: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and Resident Evil Village.

Razer E3 Keynote

Razer hosted its own press conference, which it has dubbed a "Keynote," with CEO Min-Liang Tan on June 14. The company announced the Razer Blade 14, its first laptop with AMD Ryzen technology.


Nintendo didn't release a Nintendo Direct presentation last year in the wake of E3's cancellation, but it came back in a big way for its 2021 show. A remake of the original two Advance Wars game, a long-thought-dead Metroid sequel, a new Warioware game, and more information on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel were all in the presentation, along with some other unexpected news.

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