Ring Fit Adventure: Nintendo Switch's Weird New Fitness Device Detailed

Wii Fit, is that you?


Nintendo recently teased a "new experience" for Switch. It appeared to be a Wii Fit-like activity game, with accompanying peripherals, but otherwise it was difficult to discern exactly what was going on. Now, the company has shed more light on the peripherals and the game they're bundled with.

The game is named Ring Fit Adventure, and it is indeed a fitness-oriented adventure game in which you use the new devices, the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap, to control your character. You can jog on the spot to move your character forward, for example, or squeeze the Ring-Con to jump or blast enemies with air.

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As well as a story mode, there are mini-games and a quick play mode designed to be easier to hop in and out of, or for you to play with family and friends. You can also tailor the game to your existing fitness level or to train specific muscle groups. Finally, you can turn on Silent Mode, which requires lighter impacts so you don't wake up the neighbors with your stomping and jumping.

Ring Fit Adventure comes bundled with the Ring-Con and Leg Strap when it launches on October 18. The package costs $80 in the US, with international pricing yet to be revealed.

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