Retired BioWare Founder Confident Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Be "Incredible"

"I'm really pumped about it; I can't wait to play it as a consumer."


From what we've seen and heard so far about Mass Effect: Andromeda, it seems like the BioWare-developed role-playing game is going in something of a new direction for the spacefaring franchise. Now, co-founder Greg Zeschuk, who retired from BioWare in 2012, has spoken up to say he's excited about the direction BioWare is going with the game and is confident the team will deliver on their vision.

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"I think people can be pretty confident it's in really good hands," he told us. "A lot of the folks working on it are core, Mass Effect team people. I know there's been concerns like, 'They're going to go strange directions' or whatever. But I'm pretty confident that what they have planned is going to be pretty incredible."

Zeschuk said he saw Andromeda at its early stages of development--the game was first announced as part of the departure of Zeschuk and co-founder Ray Muzyka in September 2012. He also admitted he hasn't had another peek in "forever."

Still, he says he's very excited about the game. For the first time ever, Zeschuk is watching from the outside, as Andromeda is the first game in the series that he'll get to play without knowing the story or more details.

"I'm really pumped about it; I can't wait to play it as a consumer," he said. "The best thing about leaving BioWare is being able to play BioWare games without knowing everything that's going to happen in them [laughs]. I'm really confident in what they're doing and how they're doing it."

Andromeda is the first new entry in the Mass Effect series since 2012's Mass Effect 3. It's coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Footage from a reported prototype version of Andromeda emerged recently, showcasing a new jetpack ability, among other things. Before that, a rumored marketing survey said the game will take players to the Andromeda galaxy, with the series formula flipped on its head somewhat in terms of story.

"Players will lead the fight for a new home in history territory--where WE are the aliens--opposed by a deadly indigenous race bent on stopping us," reads a line from the reported description.

Andromeda will also reportedly boast a "planet-dense but seamless open-world galaxy, rich with discovery."

Just recently, BioWare's Alistair McNally said Andromeda--as well as the company's mysterious new IP--are "looking stunning." Andromeda was originally scheduled to come out this holiday, but has now reportedly been pushed to the first quarter 2017. It is the fourth installment in the mainline series, leaving Commander Shepard behind.

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