Red Dead Redemption Being Modded Into GTA 5

Trade in that car for a horse.


Red Dead Redemption is getting a new lease of life in the Grand Theft Auto V universe. A group of fans, led by developer Mr. Leisurewear, are modding the game's full map into GTA V on PC.

"That's 2 years of work right there, by Mr. Leisurewear that is. Glad it's finally unveiled. Expect more info and screenshots soon,” posted Jestic, a modder on

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The team is currently developing the map, creating visuals, textures, and the game's day-to-night cycle. They have bigger plans for the project, called Red Dead Redemption V, saying they want to mod more elements from the original Xbox 360 version of the game into GTA V. They just need some help to do it.

"We are mostly looking for programmers who are able to help us reverse engineer the file formats. We are also looking for scripters who are able to remake any of the game's original content over to GTA V, think minigames and certain mechanics such as Dead Eye Targeting," posted Jestic.

The full map is intended to be used in FiveM\FiveReborn and other similar third-party online clients. The developers say it's not to be used in GTA Online.

The team plans to release a beta version of the map this summer, something to tide fans over until the official release of the game's sequel Red Dead Redemption 2 towards the end of the year.

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