Recent Fallout 4, Skyrim Updates Put A New Cap On PS4/Xbox One Mods

The new limits could still change.


Xbox One and PS4 versions of Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition have new limits in place on the number of mods that can be used at any one time, following a pair of recent updates.

Previously, the console versions of the two games only limited players by the amount of space that mods required. Now, there's also a cap on the number of mods that can be used at any time: 150 on Xbox One and 100 on PS4.

This change wasn't mentioned in the patch notes for either update, which instead focused on newly implemented features for browsing mods (as well as PS4 Pro support, in Fallout 4's case). The discovery of the new caps came as an unpleasant surprise to some fans who use large numbers of mods. But Bethesda says they were put in place for the sake of stability and could still be changed again in the future.

"The mod limits implemented this week to Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition has been put in place based on our internal testing for stability to the game," reads a post on Bethesda's forums. "With the new caps, some players will not be able to reach the full storage limit for mods, but the additional storage capacity will allow for you to have larger mods within the 150/100 cap. This is a starting point, and it may be adjusted."

These caps limit the number of mods that can be actively running at a single time. You're free to add more than this to your library, and from there you can disable and enable mods to fit under the limit--provided you're anywhere close to begin with, which many players may not be.

"We understand this is a frustration point for all of you. Like all of you, we're still new to the process of allowing mods on consoles and working on ways to improve the experience over time," Bethesda's post continues. "We will be continuing to update both Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition with new updates pertaining to mods, and if we're able to address these concerns, we will provide information through future release notes."

Mods were implemented in Fallout 4's Xbox One version last May, followed by PS4 in November; Skyrim Special Edition had them right out of the gate in October. It remained unclear for a period of months whether Bethesda's games would feature mod support on PS4, seemingly because of issues with Sony. Those were ultimately resolved, although the PS4 versions offer a much lower cap on mod storage space and don't allow external assets to be utilized.

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