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After Dispute, Skyrim and Fallout 4 on PS4 Getting Mod Support--With a Caveat

"We and Sony have worked hard to make this possible," Bethesda says.


After looking as if it wasn't going to happen, Bethesda today announced mod support for Skyrim and Fallout 4 on PS4, as well as PS4 Pro support.

These features will be included with Skyrim: Special Edition when it arrives on October 28. This includes support for native 4K rendering on the PS4 Pro, which arrives in November. You can see some screenshots of this below.

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It will also include mod support, but with a caveat--you won't be able to use external assets with PS4 mods. Instead, you'll be limited to those that are included with the game itself, "as most mods do," Bethesda said.

The company also noted, "We and Sony have worked hard to make this possible." It's a statement that stands out after, following months of delays, Bethesda admitted that Sony was blocking it from providing mod support on PS4. Mods have been available in Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox One since earlier this year.

"We are excited finally to get modding to our PlayStation fans who have supported us for so long," it added. "Modding has been an important part of our games for over 10 years, and we hope to do even more in the coming year for all our players, regardless of platform."

As for Fallout 4, it will be updated with mod and PS4 Pro support once "work is complete on Skyrim." On Pro, Bethesda said it "expect[s] Fallout 4 to take advantage of the PS4 Pro in 4k along with enhanced lighting and graphics features."

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