Rage getting a tie-in novel

Bethesda announces book based on postapocalyptic game coming August 30; penned by game writer Matt Costello, published by Del Rey.



Earlier this month Bethesda announced its partnership with Dark Horse that will bring gamers a prequel comic book series based on the Rage universe. On top of that, now Bethesda has announced it will also release a tie-in novel for the upcoming action game.

Rage requires reading this August.
Rage requires reading this August.

The novel, simply titled Rage, will launch in North America on August 30. It was penned by Matt Costello, who also was a contributing writer to the story from the game. Rage the novel will be published in North America by Del Rey and Ebury Publishing in the United Kingdom, where it will also be released on August 30.

As for the novel, Rage will dive deeper into the Rage universe by exposing readers to the gritty and dangerous postapocalyptic world that protagonist Lt. Nick Raine must traverse. A line from the book's description reveals that players will enter a "new society where might is right, mutants plague the Earth, and 'friend' is a term for the person who hasn't stabbed you in the back."

Due out September 13 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, Rage will combine first-person shooter gameplay with open-world vehicle combat as players fight off mutants and roving gangs of bandits. It won't be all shooting and driving, as players will need to visit neutral zones to take bounties, customize their cars, and chat up the locals. The developer has described the game as "open but directed," not necessarily requiring players to complete every mission immediately and giving them some freedom to wander.

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview with Rage.

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