Rage revs up comic series

Dark Horse handling three-issue prequel story for id Software's postapocalyptic action game; first issue arrives June 22.


RAGE (Mobile)
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On September 13, id Software's Rage will drop players into a postapocalyptic wasteland where the last vestiges of humanity struggle to survive in a harsh world. However, before the game makes its long-awaited arrival on the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, the developer is going to give gamers a chance to find out how civilization came to crumble in a prequel comic book series.

Today, id Software parent Bethesda Softworks announced a deal with Dark Horse Comics that will see the print publisher release a three-issue miniseries based on Rage. Written by Arvid Nelsion (Rex Mundi) with art by Andrea Mutti (DMZ), the series will detail the downfall of civilization after an asteroid strike, with a surviving scientist discovering a cover-up regarding the events that created the ruined world around her. The first issue of the miniseries should hit stores in North America and the UK June 22.

Look for this charming gent on the cover of Rage #1.
Look for this charming gent on the cover of Rage #1.

As for the game, it will combine first-person shooter gameplay with open-world vehicle combat as players fight off mutants and roving gangs of bandits. It won't all be shooting and driving, as players will need to visit neutral zones to take bounties, customize their cars, and chat up the locals. The developer has described the game as "open but directed," not necessarily requiring players to complete every mission immediately, and giving them some freedom to wander.

For more on Rage, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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