PUBG Xbox One Exits Early Access With 1.0 Release Soon; Here's What It Includes

Here's everything new coming to PUBG on Xbox One next month.


After debuting in Microsoft's early access program, Game Preview, late last year, PUBG is finally set to hit 1.0. As part of a special Inside Xbox episode to kick off Gamescom 2018, Microsoft revealed details on what's coming to the Xbox One version of the game very soon.

PUBG exits Game Preview with the release of the 1.0 update on September 4. That brings with it a variety of new content, the most significant of which is a new map. Sanhok is smaller than what players are accustomed to, measuring just 4km x 4km (as opposed to the standard 8x8).

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Also coming on September 4 are Achievements, which will carry over from the Game Preview version. PUBG Corp. will also introduce support for custom games, allowing you to set up your own matches as you wish, and a special mode that PC players have seen before: War mode. This represents a major change from the usual PUBG formula, as it introduces respawns.

Another significant component of the 1.0 release is in-game currency. Among the things that can be purchased with it are cosmetics and the Sanhok event pass. The latter lets you unlock missions, rewards on Sanhok, and more. More details on how this will work on Xbox will be shared "closer to 1.0 launch."

The 1.0 release will come with a new DLC pack, the Xbox #1.0/99 set, which comes with exclusive clothing and accessories. If you already own the game, you'll receive this for free.

Hitting 1.0 won't mark the end of development on PUBG for Xbox One. With that milestone reached, PUBG Corp. says it will focus on bringing over other content from the PC version as quickly as possible.

Alongside news of 1.0, Microsoft announced a special PUBG-themed Xbox One controller is on the way. It sports a custom design and, for the first time ever, grips on the triggers.

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