Psychonauts 2 Strike City Collectibles Guide

A city of germs inside the mind of Ford Cruller in Psychonauts 2 also hides a few handy collectibles. Here's where to find them.


A big part of the story of Psychonauts 2 has you working to repair the shattered mind of famed Psychonaut agent Ford Cruller, which takes you into three distinct versions of his psyche. When you finally make your way into the Astral Lanes bowling alley, after completing Compton's Cookoff, you can jump into Cruller's mind to experience a bowling-themed apocalypse scenario: Strike City.

Here's how to find everything hidden in Strike City. Stay tuned for more Psychonauts 2 coverage and guides, including our rundown of all the collectibles in Loboto's Labyrinth, Hollis's Classroom, and Hollis' Hot Streak, and Ford's Follicles. And don't forget to check out our Psychonauts 2 review.

Strike City Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom:1
  • Memory Vaults: 1
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffle Bag, Suit Case
  • Half-A-Minds: 1
  • Figments: 52

The gimmick of Strike City is that you'll have to roll on top of a bowling ball whenever you need to use a path that looks like a bowling lane--you're not allowed to walk on the lanes, after all. That said, you'll want to hop off the ball at several intervals in order to run down collectibles. They tend to be off to the side in Strike City, hidden in the architecture in places you don't necessarily need to go.

Duffel Bag Emotional Baggage: After arriving in Strike City, head down the first big jump. When you reach the next rooftop, you'll see a ball return machine to one side. Head around the wall it's pressed against to find the Duffel Bag on the far side, next to a figment.

Memory Vault: On the next rooftop, look to the edge where you can drop down to find the Memory Vault hidden out of sight.

Suitcase Tag: As you keep moving, you'll soon come to a rooftop covered in green slime. You can't really walk through this--it slows you down and keeps you from jumping--so you'll need to ride a bowling ball to navigate the goo. Use your bowling ball to hop across the gap between the rooftops to another area covered in goo. Head to the back right corner and check behind the trailers there to find the Suitcase Tag.

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Nugget of Wisdom: Ahead, you'll hop up onto the side of a building, where gravity will shift to allow you to walk on the new surface. Cross that building and you'll reach a rooftop where you can hop down to a side area, marked by a water tower. Climb up to the top of it to find the Nugget of Wisdom.

Suitcase Emotional Baggage: Continue until you hit a building that's under construction. You'll need to carefully ride a bowling ball to the top by climbing ramps and using moving girders to travel across gaps. Before you start climbing, though, check under the ramp on the left side of the area. Roll your bowling ball to the back left corner of the bottom floor, where you'll find bowling pins you can knock down with the ball. Behind them, the Suitcase is waiting.

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Half-A-Mind: In this same half-constructed building, ride your bowling ball all the way to the top. When you get there, ride around the edge of the building carefully and look for a protruding girder. Carefully hop off your bowling ball and walk out on the girder to grab your Half-A-Mind.

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