Psychonauts 2 Hollis's Hot Streak Collectibles Guide

Find everything there is to grab in the Lady Lucktopus version of Hollis's mind, Hollis's Hot Streak.


Venturing into Hollis Forsythe's mind gets a little harrowing for Raz in Psychonauts 2. After venturing to the Lady Lucktopus casino, he finds that Hollis's mind has been invaded by dangerous ideas about risk and gambling. When you return to her mind, you venture through a number of the same places as Hollis's Classroom, but with a new twist. There are also a whole bunch of additional collectibles to find that can boost your Intern rank in a huge way, provided you can find them all.

Here's everything to find in Hollis's Hot Streak and how you can snag it. Stay tuned for more Psychonauts 2 coverage and guides, including our rundown of all the collectibles in Loboto's Labyrinth and Hollis's Classroom. And don't forget to check out our Psychonauts 2 review.

Hollis's Hot Streak Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 4
  • Memory Vaults: 1
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffle Bag, Suit Case, Purse
  • Half-A-Minds: 4
  • Figments: 106

You'll recognize some of the areas of Hollis's Hot Streak as you start out, but before long, you'll find yourself on a big dice-shaped cube that has a number of doors set into it. Passing through each one takes you into a different area of the casino, and each has a bunch of collectibles scattered throughout.

Half-a-Mind: As you start out, you'll find yourself in a shattered version of the classroom. From the center platform with the spiral pattern, look up to one side for a Stray Thought that will lead you to a nearby platform with the Half-a-Mind on it.

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Half-a-Mind: The other half of this first mind is above you. As you create a path from the "Risk" thought toward the exit hallway above, you'll see the other mind--jump down to it as you make Mental Connections to snag it.

Suit Case Tag: Next, you'll find yourself back out front of the hospital from Hollis's Classroom, but with a new casino twist. Use Mental Connection to reach the rooftop and head to the back right corner when you're facing the entrance. You'll find the Suit Case Tag waiting there.

Nugget of Wisdom: Also on the roof; head to the front where the ambulance stopped and climb up on the neon sign there to find the Nugget of Wisdom floating above it.

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Heading into the hospital, you'll find yourself on a big die that has several doors in it, leading to different sections of the hospital. You can enter each door more than once if you need to, and you'll need upgrades to Mental Connection to find all the collectibles, so expect to return here later.


Purse Tag: First, as you enter Maternity, exit the tunnel at the start and spin around to face it. Use Mental Connection to make a path and get back to the entrance tunnel and get on top of its roof, where you'll find the Purse Tag.

Duffle Bag Tag: Advance through the Maternity puzzle until you unlock the ability to pass inside the game wheel and fix the rigged game. Once you're inside, continue onto the rotating platforms made of game chips. Use the Mental Connections to reach the platform past the rotating chips, then jump back onto the chips and ride them to snag the Duffle Bag Tag.

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Duffle Bag Emotional Baggage: Keep moving through the spinning tunnel and you should catch sight of some Dark Thoughts above you--the black Stray Thoughts you've probably seen once or twice up to now. You can't connect to those until you've upgraded your Mental Connection ability, but once you have, return to Hollis's Hot Streak and use them to reach the Duffle Bag.

Half-a-Mind: Keep going past the vertical rotating chips. Ahead, you'll see three rotating chip platforms with exploding lightbulbs on them. Ride one to get to the dice beside it and climb up to reach the Half-a-Mind.

Doctor's Only

Memory Vault: There's not much in this area except a big hallway that loops on itself. Take the first fork on the left to find the Memory Vault; chase it down and punch it to open it.


Purse Emotional Baggage: Like Doctor's Only, this is pretty much just a couple of hallways. Take the first fork to the right to find the Purse Emotional Baggage, which you should have already grabbed the tag to use to organize.

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Nugget of Wisdom: Continue down the main hallway until you reach some boxes walling the way forward. Punch through them and pass through them to find a dead end with a poster on it. Burn the poster with Pyrokinesis to find a Nugget of Wisdom behind it.


Nugget of Wisdom: You'll need the Dark Thoughts upgrade for Mental Connection to reach this Nugget. Keep going until you see the big rotating ring of pills. Use the Dark Thoughts to reach the Nugget of Wisdom above you.


Suitcase Emotional Baggage: Cardiology is a big lounge with a bar on your right. On the left side are booths; check the one furthest to the right to find the Suitcase, which you grabbed the tag for earlier.

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Nugget of Wisdom: Check the big door on the right side of the room when facing the bar to find a storage room. Head to the back of the room to find another locked door with the Nugget of Wisdom inside. You'll need the Projection ability you'll get later in the game to access it.

Half-a-Mind: Keep working through Cardiology until you can pass through the monitor to unrig the race. Keep moving until you reach the first set of electrified platforms; pass over them and go through the archway just beyond. Turn left just through the archway and you'll see a couch floating in space. Hop across to it to grab the Half-a-Mind there.

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