Psychonauts 2 Compton's Cookoff Collectibles Guide

Here's how to find everything in Psychonauts 2's cooking show-inspired Compton's Cookoff.


The mild-mannered Compton Boole's mind is inspired by an Iron Chef-style cooking game show in Psychonauts 2. When Raz enters the mind of the former member of the Psychic Six, he finds the cooking metaphor is the manifestation of all of Compton's self-doubts and imagined criticisms from his real-life Psychonaut friends. Fashioned after a game show set, the area is less linear than some others in the game. Instead, it's structured as a single open space with various cooking stations, so the collectibles are scattered around a relatively small area. Some Figments will only become available in certain rounds of the cooking segment, but otherwise you can find the collectibles anytime--including when you return in the post-game.

Here's how to find everything in Compton's Cookoff. Stay tuned for more Psychonauts 2 coverage and guides, including our rundown of all the collectibles in Loboto's Labyrinth, Hollis's Classroom, and Hollis' Hot Streak. And don't forget to check out our Psychonauts 2 review.

Compton's Cookoff Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 2
  • Memory Vaults: 2
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffle Bag, Suit Case, Purse, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
  • Half-A-Minds: 2
  • Figments: 51

Compton's Cookoff is made up of a central stage area with audience stands, as well as four cooking stations. Those stations, from left to right, are Boiling, Blending, Skillet, and Chopping. These areas are each marked by an icon at the entrance to each area, and a series of grind rails and Mental Connection nodes link the areas to each other.

One thing that's notable for this area is that three collectibles are prizes awarded for completing the area's three cooking challenges within a time limit. If you fail to meet the time limit, the narrative will still move forward, but you won't receive the prize. Those prizes aren't lost forever, though, as coming back to the area after completing the game's main story campaign will have all of the prizes unlocked and ready to claim.

Purse Tag: In the stands among the audience you'll find the Purse Tag.

Purse: In the hot Skillet area tucked between the trail of hot cooking pads that lead up to the cooking station.

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Hat Box Tag: Floating above one of the grind rails connecting the cooking stations.

Hat Box: In the Chopper area, just below the ramp.

Duffel Bag Tag: Use the Mental Connection power to grapple nodes at the bottom of the Boiling area. That will let you reach an area tucked away below and behind the main Boiling stage for this tag.

Duffel Bag: In the Chopping area, behind the pig's chopping arm.

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Steamer Trunk Tag: This is the third and final prize for completing the last cooking challenge. It can be found in the Audience/Stage area. (If you miss the cooking challenge time, just return post-game to claim it.)

Steamer Trunk: At the bottom level of the Blending area, behind the blending canister.

Suitcase Tag: In the Skillet area tucked behind the large skillet logo.

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Suitcase: On the bottom level of the Boiling area, tucked inside the path of pipes leading up to the trampoline.

Nugget of Wisdom: The audience stand between the Blender and Skillet area has a ramp behind it. You can find the Nugget of Wisdom on the ramp.

Nugget of Wisdom: At the very top of the Blender area, on top of the giant illuminated sign with the Blender icon, you can find this Nugget of Wisdom. However, you'll need the Dark Thoughts upgrade to reach it, since some of the Mental Connection nodes to reach the area are dark ones.

Memory Vault: This vault is on the left side of the Chopping area, near the pull-lever that you use to raise the chopping mechanism.

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Memory Vault: At the bottom of the Blending area, near the button to activate the blender.

Half-A-Mind: This is the first prize for completing the first cooking challenge. It can be found in the Audience/Stage area. (If you miss the cooking challenge time, just return post-game to claim it.)

Half-A-Mind: This is the second prize for completing the second cooking challenge. It can be found in the Audience/Stage area. (If you miss the cooking challenge time, just return post-game to claim it.)

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