Psychonauts 2 PSI King's Sensorium Collectibles Guide

PSI King's Sensorium is among the biggest levels in Psychonauts 2, and there are a ton of collectibles to find throughout. Here's where to find them all.


The psychedelic music festival that is PSI King's Sensorium in Psychonauts 2 is a huge location, with multiple smaller sections within a larger map. It's big and involved, and requires you to drive around a campground to locate PSI King's five senses to get the band back together. Scattered throughout its many locations are a ton of Figments, emotional baggage, Nuggets of Wisdom, and more. Here's a full rundown of everything you can find in the level to increase your intern rank inside the PSI King's mind.

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PSI King's Sensorium Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 3
  • Memory Vaults: 2
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffel Bag, Suitcase, Purse, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
  • Half-A-Minds: 4
  • Figments: 263

-Suitcase Emotional Baggage: You'll first find yourself in a backstage area, with PSI King looking to put his band back together to get back on stage. Go beneath from the back and you'll find the Suitcase.

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-Half-a-Mind: To the left of the Suitcase, you'll see some posters. Burn them with Pyrokinesis to open a tunnel beneath the stage, which will lead you to a Half-a-Mind at its end.

-Purse Tag: Also in the Backstage area, look for a couple of camper trailers near the fence at the back of the area, furthest from the stage. Hop on top of the camper to find the Purse Tag.

-Half-a-Mind: Not long into your time in PSI King's Sensorium, when you enter the Eye King's Shrine, you'll unlock a new ability called the Time Bubble. It allows you to slow down fast-moving enemies and items, providing you access to new areas. Your first Half-a-Mind is located behind the first spinning fan you'll find in the level, which you can slow down and jump through with Time Bubble.

-Nugget of Wisdom: In Eye King Shrine, slow the spinning stars accessible from the pile of roadie boxes just before you take the swinging rope to the spotlight to activate the second rainbow bridge. This is something of a side path and leads to a platform with the Nugget waiting.

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-Memory Vault: A little farther into the Eye King's Shrine, you'll find a spot where you need to move a spotlight to hit a prism to create a rainbow bridge. On the left side of this area is the path that'll lead you to the light, with two spinning fans. Just past the fans, look to the right for a spot with a door made of jail bars. You'll need the Projection power to open it, but once you have it, you can snag your first Memory Vault.

-Duffel Bag Emotional Baggage: Deeper into the Eye King Shrine, you'll have crossed a couple of rainbow bridges. When you hit the third prism, check underneath the roadie boxes below it; you can climb the ladder and spin the camera around to see the opening and grab the bag.

-Hat Box Tag: Continue toward the tower with the light for the third rainbow bridge, through two spinning fans you'll have to slow down with Time Bubble. After you clear the second fan, turn to the right and look for some posters you can burn through to reveal a secret area, which will lead you to the tag.

-Duffle Bag Tag: Once you finish the Eye King Shrine, you'll gain the ability to drive around the rest of the fairgrounds. You can go wherever you want, but we'll take you to the Concessions area next. Immediately after you enter the area, turn around and walk back toward the van you arrived in and look left behind some rainbow-colored bushes to find the tag nestled in a corner.

-Memory Vault: When you arrive, look for another caged area like the one you found in the Eye King Shrine near the start, just where you find the first tightrope to climb over the line of customers below. You'll need to use the Projection power to get through the bars to snag your second Memory Vault.

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-Purse Emotional Baggage: Deeper into the Concessions area, you'll hit a spinning platform you need to slow with Time Bubble. As you cross the platform, look for a spot where you can drop down behind the high fence to find the Purse behind it.

-Half-a-Mind: At the end of the Concessions area, you'll enter the Nose Mouth Shrine. Toward the end of it, you'll see another prism for making a rainbow bridge, next to a couple of grind rails. You can bypass this area and continue to the end of the shrine, but if you divert here and make your way to the spotlight, the rainbow bridge will take you to the Half-a-Mind; the grind rails are for returning to the main path.

-Nugget of Wisdom: As you make your way through the Nose Mouth Shrine, you'll see some tongues slapping the pathway, and you'll need to use Time Bubble to slow them so you can slip past. Get through the first two tongues and look for a trampoline you can use to head into a tower. Turn around and look for a third trampoline, which will allow you to jump a gap to a platform where the Nugget of Wisdom is waiting.

-Steamer Trunk Tag: Return to the tower you just left to get the Nugget of Wisdom. From here, the path ahead should allow you to run straight up to the Steamer Trunk Tag without much difficulty.

-Hat Box Emotional Baggage: When you complete the Nose Mouth Shrine, you'll next use the van to head to the Woods area. Check to the right of the path that heads off to your left from the starting area, opposite the small stream, which should be on your right. There's a campsite along the way with two tents in it; the Hat Box is nestled just behind them.

-Suitcase Tag: Keep moving through the woods until you hit a waterfall with logs falling down it. On the right side, you'll be able to ascend the cliff by wall-jumping your way up. When you hit the top, check around the corner to the right to find the Suitcase Tag.

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-Half-a-Mind: Keep ascending and at the top you'll find Audie O. and Mr. Touch. Jump across the waterfall to the left side to find the Half-a-Mind before talking to them to enter the Ear Hand Shrine.

-Nugget of Wisdom: Now inside the Ear Hand Shrine, you should see a prism just after the start of the level. Head forward and look for a rotating fan ahead. If you turn around, you'll find a ledge you can climb up to with a spotlight atop it. Use it on the prism to create a rainbow bridge that leads to an island where the Nugget of Wisdom waits.

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-Steamer Trunk: As you near the end fo the Ear Hand Shrine, you'll make a second rainbow bridge that leads you to the island where the instruments are located. Look to your right to see the Steamer Trunk on another platform you can leap across to.

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