PS4's Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps: The Heist DLC - How Long Is It?

This really is the first part.


The story in Marvel's Spider-Man continues in The Heist, the first piece of a three-part DLC expansion called The City That Never Sleeps. The Heist includes several old characters and a few new ones, but primarily focuses on Peter's ex-girlfriend Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat.

The Heist is about three hours long in total, including all story missions and optional side quests and activities. An hour of that time is devoted to the story of Black Cat's return to New York. She's stealing flash drives from members of the prominent crime families in the city, and Peter and Mary Jane work together to both figure out why and discover a way to stop her before she starts a gang war. The first half of the story involves a new type of stealth mission and plenty of chase sequences, while the latter half includes a Mary Jane stealth mission and a powerful new enemy type that utilizes a minigun. Standard combat missions are sprinkled throughout, and enemy base missions are dropped entirely.

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The remaining two hours of the DLC consist of the The Heist's new side quests, which are mostly variations of what can be found in the base game. Instead of hunting backpacks, for example, you'll be looking for the art that Felicia's father has left hidden around the city. The only new side activity involves using the Spider-Bot to look for bombs under cars. The new Screwball Challenges--which replace the Taskmaster Challenges--will probably take up most of your time. They're similar to what you had to do in the main game's challenges, but you'll also be tasked with capturing your web-slinging or combat moves on camera at the perfect moment to rack up a higher score.

Minor spoilers for a new Spider-Man villain introduced in the first 20 minutes of The Heist follow.

The Heist truly feels like a first part, ending in a way that implies its story isn't finished, and will continue in later DLC. Although it seems as if Black Cat's piece of the tale is complete at the end of The Heist, her actions bring the Spider-Man villain Hammerhead back into the wall-crawler's life. Insomniac has not confirmed which character will be the focus of Turf Wars, the second part of The City That Never Sleeps, but The Heist makes a good case that we can expect to see Spidey go up against the gangster with a steel skull fairly soon.

Marvel's Spider-Man is exclusive to PS4. The City That Never Sleeps continues with Turf Wars in November and Silver Lining in December.

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