PS4's Detroit: Become Human Hits New Sales Milestone

2 million sales in five months.


Detroit: Become Human has crossed a new sales milestone. The PlayStation 4 exclusive from French developer Quantic Dream has now passed 2 million in sales, with the achievement coming around five months after the game was released in May.

According to Quantic Dream, Detroit is now the studio's fastest-selling game ever, meaning it is performing better commercially than the PlayStation 3 games Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. But was Detroit profitable after 2 million sales? Someone asked the studio this on Twitter, and the developer mostly dodged the question. "We left an imprint in 2 to 3 million people's minds (and counting). We made them cry and laugh and feel for a number of characters. We made them feel truly alive. That is what counts." Given how much secrecy there is in gaming regarding sales figures and profitability, it makes sense that Quantic Dream might not want to publicly disclose whether or not Detroit was profitable.

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Detroit tells the story of three androids coming to terms with their newfound sentience in a futuristic Detroit, Michigan where robots are treated as second-class citizens.

The game picked up mostly positive review scores across the board. Here at GameSpot, we scored Detroit an 8/10, with reviewer Peter Brown commenting, "Detroit is well worth playing, but it struggles to strike the right balance between giving you freedom of choice and reminding you that it's all a game in the end."

Quantic Dream has not announced any new projects yet. Recently, the studio has found itself embroiled in controversy after multiple French outlets worked together on investigative stories that made accusations of poor studio culture and harassment.

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