PS4 Game Fighting EX Layer Release Window, New Character Announced

Shadowgeist joins the roster.


Street Fighter EX developer Arika has shared more details on its upcoming PS4 fighting game, Fighting EX Layer. While the developer didn't pin down a precise release date for the title just yet, it did reveal how much it will cost and when players could expect to get their hands on it.

During a livestream on Twitch (via Gematsu), Arika announced that Fighting EX Layer will launch digitally on PS4 around the world by the end of June. The standard edition of the game will run for $60 and comes with 15 Gougi decks and 12 characters. Players will also have the option to purchase a "light" version, which includes five Gougi decks and 10 characters, for $40.

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Arika hasn't revealed which characters will be excluded from the light version, but 10 have been announced for the fighting game thus far, among them Skullomania and the latest addition to the roster, Shadowgeist, who was also revealed during the livestream. The latter last appeared in Street Fighter EX3 back in 2000. Two more playable characters have yet to be revealed for Fighting EX Layer.

In addition to those details, Arika revealed that Fighting EX Layer will not feature a story mode, although the game will have some kind of as-yet unspecified single-player mode. Arika also revealed that it will offer "Type-A" and "Type-Gold" character color variations as DLC.

Fighting EX Layer is currently only slated to release digitally for PS4; however, Arika has said that the game could potentially come to PC via Steam as well. In addition to that, Arika says Fighting EX Layer may also receive a physical release in the future.

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