PS4 and PC's The Witness Rated for Xbox One

ESRB rating reveals Xbox One version.


The Witness

It looks like Braid creator Jonathan Blow's upcoming puzzle game The Witness is coming to Xbox One. It's only been announced for PS4 and PC, but the Entertainment Software Rating Board has now published a rating for an Xbox One edition (via Gematsu), indicating it's also coming to Microsoft's console.

The Witness launches on January 26 for PS4 and PC, with an iOS version to follow "some months" later.

That The Witness would also come to Xbox One is not much of a surprise, as the game's official website says it's coming to "other platforms a bit later."

It was revealed last year that The Witness would take most people 20-25 hours to complete. Blow also said there's a puzzle in the game that only one percent of people will be able to solve.

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