Prince of Persia leaps to Live Arcade

Mobile developer Gameloft charged with creating a next-gen remake of original Jordan Mechner classic.

Prince of Persia revisited.
Prince of Persia revisited.

Last month, Germany's interactive entertainment game rating board passed judgment on an unannounced game called Prince of Persia Classic for the Xbox 360. The game is unannounced no longer, because Ubisoft today confirmed that it will indeed find its way to Xbox Live Arcade early this summer.

As one might expect, the game is a remake of Jordan Mechner's 1989 computer game, albeit with a layer of next-gen polish. The level design, swordfighting, and time limit of the original will remain the same, while character designs, animation, and other graphical overhauls provide a twist on the familiar. There will also be some new puzzles, traps, and enemies added to the mix.

Perhaps more surprising than the game's announcement is its developer, mobile gaming specialist Gameloft, publisher of Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest (nee Jewel Jam). While the company is new to the Xbox 360, it has handled the Prince of Persia style of gameplay before, specifically in 2003's Prince of Persia Harem Adventures for mobile phones.

Prince of Persia Classic has been rated T for Teen. According to Ubisoft, the game has not yet been priced.

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