Power Stone Producer "Would Love" To Make Sequel

Can the Nintendo Switch power the stone?


Though dormant for over a decade, Power Stone remains one of the most memorable games Capcom has ever released. There may not be any definitive plans to bring back the series, but the game's producer would love to see the quirky 3D brawler make a return--especially on Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with The Guardian, designer Hideaki Itsuno broke down how Power Stone came into existence. By assembling arcade and console developers for a project way outside Capcom's usual wheelhouse, the Dreamcast brawler aimed to be "something that would be well received by players other than just hardcore fighting fans," according to Itsuno. It seems to have worked, as Power Stone producer Takeshi Tezuka reports "still get[ting] messages from fans" about the much-loved series.

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Tezuka says some of these messages come in the form requests for him to bring Power Stone back. "People tweet requests to me to make another Power Stone, which I'd love to do if I got the chance," Tezuka told the Guardian. "It would be a particularly great fit for the Nintendo Switch."

Power Stone debuted in 1999 for arcades and the Sega Dreamcast. The game made such a splash for Capcom that an anime adaptation was approved and aired from April to September of 1999. About a year and a half later, the sequel, Power Stone 2, made its way to the same platforms. Six years later, in October/November 2006, the PlayStation Portable saw the Power Stone Collection, a two-pack featuring ports of both Power Stone titles.

In our Power Stone review, we said, "All in all, Power Stone is a very fun and unconventional fighter. However, the excitement is short lived."

In our Power Stone 2 review, we said, "Fans of the original Power Stone will be pleased with the similar, yet definitely enhanced feel of Power Stone 2. As a four-player game, it's definitely one of the wildest fighters to come to the Dreamcast."

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