Pokemon Sun/Moon: New Creatures Confirmed, Including What Looks Like Pikachu Hybrid

New creatures revealed.


After a leak, The Pokemon Company today confirmed a new batch of creatures for Pokemon Sun/Moon. This comes one day before an official announcement was set to be made.

As seen in the Japanese video below, the new Pokemon for Sun/Moon include: Drampa, Charjabug, Tapu Koko, Vikavolt, and Togederamu. That last one, who shows up at around 2:00 in the video, appears to be some kind of weird-looking Pikachu hybrid. Take a look:

These creatures originally emerged on 4chan, reportedly obtained from a Russian source (via IGN). The Pokemon Company released this new video following the leak. Right now, it's only available in Japanese, but we'll add an English version if/when it's made available.

Pokemon Sun/Moon is due to launch on November 18 in the US and November 23 in the UK. At E3 2016, we learned about a new free-for-all battle mode and also got a peek at some awesome-looking 3DS models, one of which features Sun/Moon's Legendaries on it.

For more on Pokemon Sun/Moon's battle mode, check out GameSpot's E3 stage show video.

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@hamartia208: What the hell do you mean Gundam. Have you seen Gundam or are you just naming random anime? Do some research before you start saying Pokemon designs look like Gundam.

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@arenova: Done the research. 2:55 looks less like a pokemon more like a gundam.

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Meh. I'll just assume these are the more uninteresting designs.

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The second creature looked like a pack of Starburst with teeth! lol

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My god the art style has lost its touch. I would never have guessed those were pokemon had I seen them out of context. I feel like I just looked at IP from Gundam, Ben Ten, digimon, and a super-market quarter machine.

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Nintendo's lack of creativity continues to reveal itself. Not content with Pokemon in the forms of ice cream cones, chandeliers, swords, gears, bags of trash, and other inanimate objects, we now also have "battery bug," which is, you guessed it, a battery.

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Looks like a fat Squirrel to me.

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Creatures? Really? And you want us to believe you are a reliable source for game news and reviews? Cool.

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How can something look like a pikachu hybrid, surely if it's a hybrid it looks like two creatures so shouldn't it be a pikachu / *enter name here* hybrid?

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Are all 5,986,234 pokemon going to be usable in this game or are they limiting it to a newer set of pokemon? If they keep remodeling these creatures for each new game it's going to take forever to come out

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wow hmmm, that is interesting. some of those pokemon looked perfect while others looked a bit like the creators had just a bit too much acid. also zygarde looks like a gundam (just sayin)

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Did anyone else find it a little off to see a Pokemon being referred to as a creatures. Its just in 20 years I don't think I've ever herd someone call them creatures.