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Pokemon Go Will Let You Do Raid Battles From Home Soon

Niantic is making more changes to make the popular Pokemon mobile game easier to play while social distancing.


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forcing many parts of the country into lockdown, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been tweaking the hit AR mobile game to make it easier to play while social distancing. As part of the changes, the studio has recently begun offering 1 PokeCoin bundles in the in-game store and removed the walking requirement to take part in the Go Battle League, and it will soon let players participate in Raids from afar as well.

In a new blog post, Niantic outlined some further changes it will make to Pokemon Go. One of the most notable is that you won't need to leave your home in order to join Raids. "You'll soon be able to team up with friends and take on Raid Battles together in Pokemon Go from the comfort of home," the developer wrote.

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This is certainly a welcome change, as players previously needed to physically travel to a Gym where a Raid was taking place in order to join the battle. Raids are one of the few ways you can catch rare Legendary Pokemon, which are typically only available for a limited time, and this adjustment will ensure that everyone will have a chance to capture these monsters while they're in the game.

That's not the only change Niantic is making. The developer says it is also "working on an entirely new way to enjoy Pokemon Go Fest" this year, and it will also adjust the Adventure Sync feature so that it tracks your steps while performing indoor tasks "like cleaning your house and running on a treadmill."

Beyond that, Niantic is also working on a handy new feature for Pokemon Go called Today View. This tab will display ongoing and upcoming in-game events, as well as personal stats, such as your daily streaks and what Pokemon you currently have defending Gyms, making it easier to keep track of what's currently happening in the game.

A new Legendary Pokemon is also set to debut very soon. Landorus, the final member of the Forces of Nature trio, will be appearing in Raids from March 31 to April 21. The Mythical Pokemon Genesect is also set to debut in EX Raids in April, following its appearance as part of the recent Drive to Investigate Special Research story event.

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