Pokemon Go: New Team Rocket Bosses Revealed

Meet Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra.


It appears some new villains are set to invade Pokemon Go very soon. Following a series of teaser images released earlier this week, Niantic has revealed three new members of Team Rocket who are on their way to the hit Pokemon mobile game.

Niantic shared pictures of the new Team Rocket members on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, along with each of their names. While we didn't learn much about the new characters, it appears they're high-ranking members of the evil organization, as all three are also featured on a new loading screen alongside Team Rocket leader Giovanni.

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This is also another indication that Giovanni himself will soon make an appearance in the mobile game. Players first spotted the evil Team Rocket boss during the Pokemon Go Fest event in Yokohama, Japan earlier this summer, where he photobombe AR Snapshots that were taken at the venue, although he hasn't be spotted in the game since.

It's unclear when the new Team Rocket bosses will actually debut in Pokemon Go, although Rocket Grunts have appeared regularly since July. The evil trainers can be encountered at certain Poke Stops, and they'll challenge players to a battle using their Shadow Pokemon. If you defeat the Rocket Grunt, you'll have a chance to rescue one of their Shadow Pokemon and purify it, raising its stats.

In the meantime, a lot is happening in Pokemon Go this month. Altered Forme Giratina is back in Raid Battles, and it'll be featured in many of this month's Legendary Raid Hours. Meanwhile, October's Community Day takes place next Saturday, October 12. The featured Pokemon this month is Trapinch, the first form of Flygon.

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