Giovanni, The Boss Of Team Rocket, Has Made His First Appearance In Pokemon Go

Presumably leaving Pallet Town Gym unattended.


Pokemon Go's third and final Pokemon Go Fest event of the summer recently took place in Yokohama, Japan. As part of the festivities, special Pokemon such as Shiny Poliwag and hat-wearing Pikachu were spawning in the wild around the world, but players at the venue also spotted another unusual sight in the game: Team Rocket leader Giovanni.

It appears the enigmatic Team Rocket boss was photobombing pictures that were taken using Pokemon Go's AR Snapshot function. A similar situation occurred during Chicago's Pokemon Go Fest this past June. During that event, Team Rocket grunts would similarly appear in screenshots that players took at the venue.

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As we know, the villainous team would make their proper debut in the game several weeks after Chicago's Pokemon Go Fest, which suggests that Giovanni is likewise on his way to the game. What his exact role will be is still unclear, but it seems like a safe bet that players will somehow be able to challenge him to a battle.

Team Rocket grunts are still periodically appearing in Pokemon Go. The evil trainers can be found at certain PokeStops, and when the Photo Disc at one of these stops is spun, they'll emerge from hiding and challenge players to a battle using their Shadow Pokemon. If players can defeat the Rocket grunt, they'll have a chance to rescue one of their Shadow Pokemon, which can then be purified for various benefits. You can read more in our Team Rocket Shadow Pokemon guide.

Even if you aren't able to attend Yokohama's Pokemon Go Fest in-person, you still have a chance to take part in the festivities. As previously mentioned, Shiny Poliwag will appear in the wild around the world for the duration of the event, and each day you'll have another chance to capture a Pikachu wearing a different hat. Niantic is also holding global challenges that all players can contribute to, with another chance to encounter the Legendary Suicune awaiting if the challenge goals can be met.

In addition to Pokemon Go Fest, a gift-themed event is now underway in Pokemon Go. As part of the event, you'll have a chance to hatch a Shiny Bonsly from the Eggs you receive in gifts. Rayquaza has also returned to Raid Battles until September 2, and this time, you may encounter its Shiny form. If you need help taking the Legendary on, be sure to check out our Rayquaza guide.

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