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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Lugia And Articuno

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Below you can find out what you need to do to catch both of these classic legendary Pokemon.

The new Pokemon Go update allows you to catch Legendary Pokemon, Lugia and Articuno. To catch them, you need to participate in each Pokemon's accompanying Raid.

Below you can find details on what Raids are and what you need to do to find and catch the game's first two legendary Pokemon.

What is a Raid?

For the uninitiated, Raids are special limited-time encounters where you can team up with friends to simultaneously fight powerful Pokemon at Gyms. Each Raid has its own special Pokemon you fight, which upon defeating it, allows you the opportunity to catch it. Raids are graded from one to five: a level one is a relatively weak Pokemon, a level four is powerful Pokemon, and a level five is a Legendary Pokemon.

Keep in mind, Raids are only active for as long as their designated timer indicates. In addition, Raids are only available at select Gyms for Trainers over level 5.

How To Access a Raid

Raids can only be accessed via a Raid Pass, which you can acquire from gyms or purchase from the shop for 100 PokeCoins. You can only receive one Raid Pass per day; though, if you've got cash to spare, you can also purchase additional with real money. Up to 20 players are allowed to enter a Raid together. And similar to Gym fights, you can take six Pokemon with you. Here are directions on how to spot a Raid:

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  1. When a Raid is about to begin, an Egg will appear at a Gym with a countdown. After it hatches, the Gym transforms into a Raid and you will be given an allotted time to clear it. If there are no Raids in direct sight, you can track ongoing Raids using your tracking radar.
  2. After spending a Raid Pass, you’ll be put into a lobby where you can adjust your team. Once a Raid begins, you have five minutes to defeat the Pokemon. If you fail to defeat the Raid Boss, you and your allies can keep retrying without spending another pass until the time is up.
  3. When you complete the Raid, you receive 3,000 XP, 1,000 Gym Badge XP, additional items, and a chance to catch the Pokemon. Once the countdown is over, the Raid location will transform back into a Gym and all Pokemon originally assigned to it will return.

How To Catch Lugia and Articuno

Both Lugia and Articuno can only be found in what are called Legendary Raids. While these special Raids normally require a Legendary Raid Pass, they are currently accessible with a normal pass. Take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

Like normal Raid bosses, Legendaries have a five-minute timer, and after you defeat them, you'll be rewarded with 13,000 XP. To best these two powerful foes, make sure to bring a roster of your strongest Pokemon. In addition, round up at least 10-12 people to fight alongside you; you're going to need as much as help as you can get.

During the capture phase, make smart use of the Golden Razz Berries you just earned from the battle (pull up your berries list and swipe to the left to find them) to make it easier to land your Pokeballs. They don’t guarantee you’ll catch the legendary creature, but every little bit helps! After all, you're only given five balls to capture a Legendary, so make it count.

Have you discovered any additional tips or tricks to landing these elusive catches? Let us know in the comments below.

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