Platinum Games Launches World Of Demons Exclusively For Apple Arcade

The game's Okami-like art style is mixed with Yokai-slaying action gameplay.


Platinum Games has finally released its mobile action game World of Demons, blending intense combat with a gorgeous, Okami-like art style. If you're an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can play it for free right now. The game was announced years ago and little had been heard about it more recently.

World of Demons is exclusively available through Apple Arcade right now after previously being planned for launch nearly three years ago. The stylish 3D action game bears a striking resemblance to Okami, which some Platinum Games developers also worked on before leaving Capcom. It offers a twist on the premise seen in the Nioh games, with powerful Yokai wandering the world, but instead of simply attacking them, you're able to command a Yokai army as a skilled samurai. The title certainly seems appropriate.

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Now Playing: World of Demons - Launch Trailer

The launch trailer shows the game's gorgeous watercolor-style visuals, with thick outlines on the characters and broad, sweeping effects for attacks. It should play well with the lesser power of devices like the iPhone while still maintaining the smooth and fast action Platinum Games is known for. The studio has primarily developed by consoles and sometimes PC up to this point, and World of Demons was in limbo for several years prior to its release on Apple Arcade.

And like Nioh, the game's monsters are certainly terrifying and grotesque. Some resemble aliens, while the serpent and cyclops monsters continue a tradition of bosses scaring the hell out of you before they even attack.

World of Demons is just one of several games added to Apple Arcade today. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, The Oregon Trail, and Star Trek: Legends were all added as Arcade Originals, and a new "timeless classics" category contains tried-and-true games like Backgammon and Chess.

Platinum Games is certainly staying busy. It's currently working on Bayonetta 3, Babylon's Fall, and as revealed yesterday, Sol Cresta. The shoot-'em-up game was thought to be a joke as it was announced last year during April Fool's Day, but it appears it's to be real.

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