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Platinum Games' New Action-RPG Offers Stylish And Deep Combat On The Go

Platinum action on the small screen.

Developer Platinum Games--the studio behind Bayonetta and Nier Automata--is known for its particular brand of action games that focus on kinetic hack and slash gameplay. With that particular style in mind, the developers are launching a new IP known as World of Demons--a Samurai action-RPG game that seeks to deliver the same style of intense gameplay to mobile phones.

Made in collaboration with DeNA Games--the mobile games publisher behind Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Fire Emblem Heroes--Platinum Games' World of Demons focuses on bite-sized character-action gameplay, while also telling an involved story. Set in ancient Japan where creatures of myth and folklore are real, World of Demons puts you in the role of the wandering samurai Onimaru, who must vanquish a powerful demon king that has invaded the land. Over time, you'll partner up with additional allies wielding their own unique weapons and take command of your own party of demons to lead into battle. As you clear through stages and take on massive bosses, you’ll gain new weapons and items, which you can use to upgrade your heroes.

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In development for the last three years, World of Demons is largely in the same style of other Platinum Games, but designed around the touch interface of smartphones. The action-RPG takes place across a set of stages where you'll battle against enemies that vary in difficulty and complexity. In combat, you'll be able to control your character with full 360 degree movement via the touch screen, while also using a set of combo attacks and skills to summon monsters. You'll also use skills that focus on particular elemental properties, which have to be managed effectively against enemies attuned to a specific damage types.

At launch, the game will start off with 3 playable characters and over 80 demons to recruit--and over time more content will be added as the game develops its community. The two primary gameplay modes in World of Demons is the Way of the Warrior story mode, where players tackle a number of missions and narrative beats as the Samurai and his party take on the demonic presence in the land, and the Way of the Demon mode which offers daily challenges and timed missions to gain new weapons and minions. There will be a competitive mode where players can compete on leaderboards and take on active challenges against others online.

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The visuals in World of Demons feature some gorgeous graphics that emulate the ink-wash paintbrush aesthetic from classic Japanese art and a similar style found from Okami (made by some current Platinum Games staff). While the new platform might not be what many Platinum fans expected, World of Demons still channels much of what their past games have gotten down to a science.

Set for launch in summer 2018, World of Demons is certainly a departure for Platinum Games in the sense that it's a new platform--but stylistically and mechanically, it feels very familiar with the studio's pedigree of games. With pre-registration open, you'll be sign up to receive access to the game once it goes live and dive into Platinum Games' next action-RPG adventure.

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