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Palworld: YouTuber Behind Pokemon Mod Claims "Nintendo Has Come For Me"

Even so, ToastedShoes has released a new video showing Ash in the early stages of the survival game.


If you mess around, you're gonna find out when it comes to modding Nintendo characters into popular games--especially one in Palworld, which already has heavy Pokemon inspirations. YouTuber ToastedShoes apparently found this out on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Spotted by IGN, ToastedShoes posted on the social media site that "Nintendo has come for me" while screenshotting that his Pokemon mod teaser video--in which Misty has a gun--for Palworld was taken down by a copyright owner. It's unclear whether it was Nintendo or The Pokemon Company that actually filed the claim. However, the Australian has decided to still release a YouTube video today (seen below) showcasing his Pokemon mod for the survival game.

ToastedShoes says the Pokemon mod won't be available publicly for the time being. "We want to release it for free to everyone, however due to Nintendo sending a DMCA over the last tweet, we want to tread lightly for the time being," ToastedShoes posted on X.

Palworld has now sold over 6 million copies after four days and just broke CS: Go's Steam concurrent player total. The survival game saw over 1.83 million people at the same time earlier today and now only trails PUBG for the overall record, which was 3.2 million concurrent players in January 2018.

The internet has had quite the reaction to Palworld so far. The discourse has covered all sorts of topics, ranging from the smashing sales success to accusations of asset theft. For more, check out GameSpot's guides hub for Palworld.

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