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Pacific Drive Guides Hub

Venture into an unforgiving wilderness with the help of our Pacific Drive guides hub.


The world of Pacific Drive is both eerie and spellbinding, with landscapes and scenes that are bound to make you stare in awe. Still, there are countless dangers that lurk in every corner, be it from the environment itself or the strange anomalies that occur.

Our Pacific Drive guides hub has all the tips you need to stay alive in this challenging roguelite game.

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Pacific Drive guides hub

Beginner's guide - Learn the ins and outs if you want to have more successful runs. We've got various tips to help you survive the deadly wilderness.

The basics: Car repair guide - We discuss the most important concepts whenever you need to repair your car in Pacific Drive. Yes, you're bound to run into a lot of car trouble.

The basics: Anomalies and enemies - This Pacific Drive guide talks about various anomalies, strange creatures and hazards that you will encounter during your treks.

The basics: Inventory storage - You're going to gather a lot of materials and resources, but the question remains: do you have enough space to carry and store all of them?

Resources and parts: Fuel - Fuel is singularly the most important resource in the game. You want to have a lot of gas left in the tank. Otherwise, your adventure might come to a rather disappointing end.

Resources and parts: Headlights, Flashlights, and Flares - Whether you're traveling at night or there's a modifier that causes pitch-black darkness, it's imperative that you have sources of light to guide your way.

Resources and parts: Electronics and Circuit Boards - Although you start the campaign with some ramshackle contraptions and materials, you're bound to acquire higher-tier components.

Devices: Matter Deconstructor and Garbage Pearls - This particular machine recycles the parts that you don't need, churning out resources that can be used for crafting purposes.

Progression: How to reach the Mid-Zone - Get ready for even more challenges once you reach the Mid-Zone, with its fetid swamps and dangerous anomalies.

Progression: How to unlock the Auto Shop keypad door - You're probably wondering how to open this locked door in the Auto Shop. Well, we've got the answers right here.

We'll continue adding more articles to our Pacific Drive guides hub, so stay tuned.

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