Overwatch 2's Third One Punch Man Skin Is Tatsumaki, The Terrible Tornado

The third skin revealed as part of the upcoming Overwatch 2 X One Punch Man event is a Kiriko Terrible Tornado skin.


Blizzard has revealed the third Overwatch 2 skin coming as part of its One Punch Man crossover event, with support hero Kiriko getting a Terrible Tornado skin. The two previously announced skins were Mumen Rider Soldier 76 and Saitama Doomfist.

Revealed on Xbox Wire, the Legendary Terrible Tornado Kiriko skin will be part of a bundle costing 2,100 Coins (roughly $21 USD). The bundle will also include a Victory Pose and Name Card. This bundle, along with the rest of the One Punch Man cosmetics, will be available in the Overwatch 2 shop from March 7 to April 6.

The Terrible Tornado bundle includes a skin, victory pose, and name card.
The Terrible Tornado bundle includes a skin, victory pose, and name card.

Speaking with Xbox Wire, art director Dion Rogers explained how One Punch Man came to be one of the first major crossover events for Overwatch 2. Rogers said that as the team spoke with various anime studios about the possibility of the crossover, when One Punch Man came up, many of the team members, including game director Aaron Keller, expressed their love and excitement for it. One character artist was so excited about the idea that he began drawing up Saitama Doomfist art during the meeting discussing the crossover.

Rogers also talked about the biggest difficulties with designing some of the skins, talking about how important silhouettes are in Overwatch 2. "Doomfist, for example: as Saitama he gains a cape. Doomfist, we never give him a cape, in any of the skins, so that his silhouette--the shape that players are used to seeing--remains. So we were very careful when we applied this," Rogers said.

Kiriko on the other hand matched up with Tatsumaki, the Terrible Tornado's shape and design fairly easily, with her flared-out skirt that is a distinct part of her silhouette. Rogers also shared his personal top two choices for the next Overwatch 2 crossover events: Street Fighter and Dragon Ball. The One Punch Man X Overwatch 2 event kicks off on March 7.

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