Overwatch 2's Next One-Punch Man Skin Is Mumen Rider

The Mumen Rider skin will be available for Soldier: 76 next month.


Blizzard Entertainment has announced that another Overwatch 2 legendary skin inspired by the anime One-Punch Man will be obtainable in season three.

With the recent release of season three, the developer revealed its very first IP collaboration with One-Punch Man, a campaign that will run from March 7 to April 6 and will feature "a collection of cosmetics from the beloved anime." A Doomfist skin inspired by the anime's protagonist, Saitama, has already been revealed, but players will also be able to get their hands on a Mumen Rider skin for Soldier: 76 next month.

In a recent tweet, Blizzard shared new details about the upcoming event and showed the first look at Mumen Rider, an earnable legendary skin for the DPS hero. Additional earnable rewards will be available to players during this time, for example, if players log in to the game between now and February 14, they'll receive 5 free battle pass tiers, 1500 credits will be available in the free battle pass track, and more rewards will be given to those who accomplish in-game challenges. The PachiMarchi event is also expected to start on March 21.

Overwatch 2 has introduced a brand-new Antarctic Peninsula map, 80 tiers of new cosmetics, including the legendary Kiriko's Mythic skin, and a fresh battle pass to play through.

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