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Overwatch 2 Tips And Tricks

Overwatch 2 is tough for beginners, but these tips should make the FPS game more enjoyable.


Overwatch 2 is finally here, but if you’re new to online FPS games and Overwatch itself, it might seem more than a little overwhelming. Learning curves, talented opponents, and so many heroes to choose from mean there’s a lot thrown at you when you first log in. We’ve put together this Overwatch 2 beginner’s guide to help point you in the right direction and make easing into the game a bit more enjoyable.

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Practice--a lot

For every new player trying Overwatch 2 for the first time, there’s probably five more who have stuck with the game since the original launched in 2016 and have extensive experience with other FPS games. That means there will be plenty of players far better at the game than you, and while that may seem discouraging--no one enjoys getting sent back to the spawn area a dozen times in a match, after all--Overwatch 2 has plenty of opportunities to help improve your skills in a no- or low-pressure environment.

And, of course, it’s okay to lose. If you aren’t playing ranked, then losing is just an inconvenience, so don’t hesitate to experiment, learn, and try again.

Play the objective

Every match in Overwatch 2 has a point, including the new push mode, and that point is almost never to eliminate the enemy team. Some task you with escorting a vehicle, or payload, to a location. In others, you need to occupy and defend a zone. Whatever the case, make sure you’re trying to accomplish the goal in some way. Hunting down the enemy support on the other side of the map or defending a location that’s of no use to your team won’t do anyone any good, and it’s a sure way to lose.

Stay out of ranked for a while

Ranked matches are where you’ll find the more skilled players, and since the ranking system demotes you if you lose too many matches, there’s extra pressure to perform well. That’s on top of the pressure to win enough matches to unlock competitive. Additionally, Overwatch 2’s ranking system matches players with opponents who may be as high as two tiers above them, so even if you feel confident in your bronze-rank tier, you may still run into a team of gold players who demolish you.

In short, while there’s nothing wrong with ranked matches, the pressure to perform well and the skill required makes it generally less enjoyable for those who just want to have fun.

Check out AI matches

Of all the practice options available, battles against AI heroes are easily the most valuable. As the name suggests, these pit you and a team of other players, usually human, against an AI-controlled team. You can choose a difficulty setting before the match begins, which makes it the perfect way to ease yourself into playing as a new hero and getting the hang of their skills without feeling the pressure of a normal match.

Start small

If you’re new to Overwatch, stick with heroes who are easier to play and understand at first. Soldier 76, for example, is a well-rounded DPS hero who’s much easier to get started with compared to, say, Junkrat or Widowmaker, who specialize in specific playstyles. The same is true for Lucio, the healer who heals without having to use a skill, or Moira, a healer who lets you play as a DPS character.

The training ground is a smart place to visit when you want to see how easy--or not--it may be to play as a certain hero. Head there first before deciding to play as a certain hero once the match actually starts.

Paying attention to your surroundings, objective, and who's on the enemy team is vital in Overwatch 2.
Paying attention to your surroundings, objective, and who's on the enemy team is vital in Overwatch 2.

Change heroes

Unlike some multiplayer FPS games, you can--and often should--change your hero in Overwatch 2 when you’re in the initial spawn area. You can do this before the match begins and any time you’re back in the starting area, whether you respawn after a death or just run back there for a quick swap.

Changing heroes makes it easier to deal with a specific threat. If, for example, the opposing team has Symmetra and Pharah and you start with Mei, you’d want to change to a hero such as Soldier 76, whose hitscan-type weapon makes it easier to land hits on flying opponents. You can bet the opposing team will change their heroes as well, so don’t get too attached to yours.

Remember where you are

While the goal in an Overwatch match may be to occupy a specific point, you still need a solid understanding of all the routes around your objective, and not just to keep track of health packs. Knowing the key routes and side alleys makes it easier to ambush opponents, lead them into a trap, or swap to the right hero to take advantage of the terrain.

Busan, for example, has multiple narrow streets and few high ledges and open areas. Tanks such as Reinhardt or DPS heroes like Mei would do well here, while Wrecking Ball may struggle. Alternatively, if you’re in King's Row with its ledges and balconies, you can bet on Widowmaker showing up at least once.

Change your settings

Overwatch 2’s default settings are a good starting point, but if you need to adjust inversion, camera sensitivity, or key and button bindings, head to the settings menu and tweak it to suit your needs.

Equally important, if not more, are the audio and social settings. Multiplayer games aren’t exactly known for their kind and forgiving atmospheres at times, and if you’d rather play without dealing with unpleasant voice and text chats, you can change them here. Turn off text chat and reduce the volume of all audio chats for a less stressful experience, and just use Discord or another platform if you want to chat with friends while playing.

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