Overwatch 2 - Junker Queen Hero Guide

Junker Queen is a new tank Hero in Overwatch 2 and a powerful force in battle, with strong abilities that even restore her own HP over time


Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s newest hero and one you can take the field with right away, even if you don’t purchase the FPS game’s battle pass or play 100 matches. Junker Queen embodies Overwatch 2’s new approach to tanks and to DPS-focused combat, with her heavy-hitting abilities and rather surprising lack of actual tank options. What she lacks in shields or high HP, though, Junker Queen makes up for with the ability to wound enemies and gradually reduce their HP while restoring her own. If you fancy a strong, sustainable hero who skews more towards DPS, then Junker Queen is your new best friend.

You can see how all heroes, including this one, stack up in our Overwatch 2 tank tier list, DPS tier list, and support tier list. Where did your favorite land?

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Junker Queen overview

If you think “tank” in Overwatch, your mind probably conjures images of shield-bearing warriors who disrupt the enemy team and keep allies safe from harm. Junker Queen isn’t that. Instead, she embodies Blizzard’s new approach to tanks and Overwatch in general. She plays more like a heavy DPS, blending attack and even support abilities together with a destructive new ability that heals and hurts simultaneously.

She hits hard with her default shotgun blast, and she can slowly whittle down the enemy’s strength with her unique Jagged Blade ability, a ranged attack that inflicts HP-sapping wounds. Junker Queen’s other abilities – her melee skill and her ultimate – only work when she’s in the enemy’s face, which is which means her Commanding Shout skill, with its HP boost, is a must in most encounters.

The downside is that Blizzard paired this heavy emphasis on offense with a low HP pool and skills that only affect one enemy at a time from a close range. That means Junker Queen is very weak to long-range foes, though if you need a break, you can retreat and focus on using Jagged Blade for a short while.

Junker Queen abilities

  • Scattergun: Six shots, fires one round per 0.8 seconds
  • Jagged Blade: Throws a blade and recalls it. Deals damage in both instances and inflicts wounds that deal damage over time
  • Commanding Shout: Grants a 30 percent movement speed buff to self and nearby allies. Restores 200 HP to self and 50 HP to allies. Can restore HP beyond the hero’s max limit
  • Carnage: Swings a giant axe and attacks enemies in front, inflicting wound status
  • Rampage: Charges forward and attacks all enemies in front. Inflicts wound and prevents healing
  • Adrenaline Rush (passive): Heals Junker Queen when enemies are wounded
Junker Queen's ultimate is a mad, deadly dash forward, wounding all enemies in her path.
Junker Queen's ultimate is a mad, deadly dash forward, wounding all enemies in her path.

Junker Queen is an aggressive DPS

Junker Queen exists to attack and then to attack again. Blizzard might call her a tank, but she’s essentially just a heavy-hitting, slow DPS character. With a comparatively small amount of HP at hand and only Commanding Shout as any kind of buff ability, Junker Queen requires a more aggressive style than you might be used to.

Jagged Blade is her most useful ability. Thanks to its short cooldown time and impressive hitbox--this isn’t a precision weapon--you can inflict wound status frequently and while on the run. And you should. Wounding enemies restores Junker Queen’s HP, and if the opposing team doesn’t have Kirko on hand, they can’t cleanse the effect.

Know thy weaknesses

Outside of her ultimate ability, Junker Queen excels at one-on-one combat, but she can struggle when faced with a group of enemies. Her main attack is slow, and her primary abilities only target one enemy at a time, so you need to plan your forays into battle a bit more carefully than you may be used to with tanks.

Rather than charging into the mix and swinging your axe around, soften enemies with Jagged Blade and a few shotgun strikes before rushing in with a stronger skill to finish the job. She may not be much help in defending others, but Junker Queen can definitely take care of herself and remain a potent force on the battlefield as long as you don’t overestimate her abilities.

She may seem fierce, but Junker Queen needs a supporting team to avoid getting overwhelmed.
She may seem fierce, but Junker Queen needs a supporting team to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Out of sight, out of danger

If you have trouble adjusting to Junker Queen’s aggressive style, she can fill a minor support role. Staying behind the frontlines to use Jagged Blade is a solid option that still lets you help your team by softening your foes. Junker Queen can move a fairly long distance away after using Jagged Blade and can delay its recall by a few seconds, which is handy for letting you relocate to a place of safety after striking if you need to.

Other Junker Queen tips

  • Commanding Shout’s HP buff for allies is a bit pointless, so don’t rely on it for healing others. The movement buff is handy, though. Consider using it at the start of a match to give everyone a speedy boost
  • That said, Commanding Shout is an excellent choice to use if you plan on rushing into the middle of battle. Use it, then unleash Carnage, retreat, and use Jagged Blade to recover any health Junker Queen may have lost in the fray
  • Don’t go alone. Since Junker Queen is a less solid tank, enemies can overwhelm and defeat her easily. Tag along with a healer or at least another DPS who can distract your foes and focus on picking off whoever Junker Queen isn’t targeting
  • Aim her ultimate carefully. You can’t change direction easily once the skill activates, and it’s far too easy to just rampage into empty space

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