Overwatch 2 - Echo Hero Guide

Echo is one of the brand new heroes in Overwatch 2, and she requires a ton of effort to fully master.


One of the newest damage heroes in Overwatch 2 is Echo, a futuristic robot that's been programmed to inflict maximum casualties on any battlefield she touches. Echo is an extremely versatile hero that's already generated some buzz in the early going of Overwatch 2. Not only can this hero deal significant damage, but she has a number of mobility abilities that can give enemies fits when trying to take her down.

Veterans and newcomers are on a neutral playing field when it comes to Echo. She's a brand new hero that everyone is having to learn for the first time. Echo can take on multiple playstyles, giving players the freedom to play how they want to on the map. However, with this freedom comes great responsibility, as teams will often rely on Echo to deal damage while also staying mobile and opening lanes for other heroes.

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Below, we'll explain all of Echo's abilities and the best strategies to use while playing as her in Overwatch 2.

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Echo Overview

Echo is unique from most other heroes in that her movement is multi-directional. Unlike a legend such as Pharah, Echo can move around the map in any direction at will. This makes her an extremely lethal threat when you factor in how much damage she can deal when players use her correctly.

However, this mobility can also get players into trouble. Echo can get behind enemy lines, pick them apart from different directions, and cause havoc on the map, but she can also be an easy target for an enemy with an accurate shot. Players need to avoid hitscan enemies above all else, especially when they're using their mobility abilities. If players decide to push up at the wrong time, they can be picked off with ease by a hero like Widowmaker.

All in all, though, Echo is an extremely enjoyable hero to use, once players get used to her abilities. Of course, that will take some time, which could lead to some frustrating moments.

Echo Abilities

Echo is a flying hero that can deal serious damage no matter she is on the map.
Echo is a flying hero that can deal serious damage no matter she is on the map.
  • Tri-Shot: Primary weapon that shoots three bullets at once in a triangle pattern. One pellet deals 17 damage while the entire shot deals 51 if all three bullets connect.
  • Sticky Bombs: Echo shoots six bombs that detonate after a short delay. Echo can hurt herself if one of the bombs hits her. The bombs deal damage within a two-meter radius of the explosion.
  • Flight: Echo will surge forward rapidly, then glide through the air freely. Players can cancel this ability at any time by hitting the activate button again. Echo moves at eight meters per second when gliding, but this only applies to one direction (vertical or horizontal).
  • Focusing Beam: A beam shoots out of Echo's weapon that lasts for three seconds. Any enemy caught in this beam gets hurt for 50 damage per second, but 175 damage per second if they're lower than 50% health. The range on this beam is 16 meters.
  • Duplicate (Ultimate Ability): Echo duplicates an enemy she's targeted and can briefly use all of their abilities and her health replicates that of the enemy (up to 300). Echo also takes on the enemy's equipped skin. This lasts for 15 seconds, and Echo has one-second invulnerability after the Ultimate ends and during casting.
  • Role: Damage (Passive): Eliminations grant a burst of increased movement and reload speed.

Echo's Focusing Beam can be devastating

Arguably Echo's best ability is Focusing Beam, especially when you pair it with her other abilities. One of players' early strategies with Echo should be to use Flight to get into an advantageous position on the map, ideally near the objective or a high-traffic area. Then, players can use either Sticky Bombs or Tri-Shot to inflict some early damage on enemies. Before they even know where they're being shot from, Echo can line up a Focusing Beam and completely annihilate enemies, especially those that are below 50% health.

It combines most of Echo's abilities and forces enemies to either retreat or focus their efforts on Echo, allowing teammates to push forward. Of course, this strategy relies on players understanding how the Flight ability works and where to go to surprise enemies once they're flying through the air.

Understand other heroes

Echo can turn into any hero she wants, provided that hero is on the enemy team.
Echo can turn into any hero she wants, provided that hero is on the enemy team.

In order to take full advantage of Echo in Overwatch 2, players must have a solid grasp of every other hero in the game. With Echo's Duplicate Ultimate ability, she can turn into any other hero on the map. This can completely turn a match on its head, as Echo can turn into a tank and completely dominate an enemy team on the frontlines. Or, they can turn into a support hero and ensure that every teammate continues to get healed through a fight with enemies.

However, in order to make this work, players need to know about the hero they're going to turn into. They need to understand how their abilities work and how to make the most of their 15 seconds they have as that hero. With this added knowledge, players will also know which heroes are better to turn into. Duplicate is only as strong as the enemies that Echo has access to at a certain time.

Other Echo Tips

  • Cancel Flight as soon as you want to stop using it. This will trigger the cooldown timer right away, allowing you to use it again quicker.
  • Don't overuse Flight, as it's Echo's primary means of escape during a gunfight. If you're heading into a gunfight, ensure that Flight is fully charged. If not, and your support hero goes down, you might not survive the engagement.
  • Focusing Beam is really only good if you know you're shooting at enemies below 50% health. If you decide to open an engagement with Focusing Beam, you won't deal enough damage to warrant staying stationary on the map.
  • Duplicate shouldn't be your way of attempting to restore your HP. If you decide to Duplicate at low health, you could be killed during the transition period between turning into another hero.
  • Stay at medium-range with Echo most of the time. While some of her attacks can be effective in close range, a majority of your damage should come at medium range.

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