Outriders Pre-Loading And Launch Schedule Released

Here's when you can load up and start playing the looter shooter from developer People Can Fly.


Outriders launches April 1, and publisher Square Enix has shared details on when you can pre-load and start playing the game. Xbox and PlayStation platforms appear to get a slight head start on both pre-loading and launch, depending on your territory, though pre-loading on PC is now live via Steam.

On Xbox platforms, you can begin pre-loading right now. That said, if you have Xbox Game Pass, hold off. Currently, to preload the game on Xbox, you have to pre-order Outriders. However, since Outriders will be available through Xbox Game Pass on Day 1, it's worth waiting just so you aren't spending money you don't have to. PlayStation will begin pre-loading 48 hours ahead of its release, so those should be going live soon.

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For PC players, pre-loading on the Epic Game Store is not available. If you're pre-loading on Steam, you may find that the demo is no longer available. Once the pre-load is complete, however, you can then reinstall the demo if you want to keep playing that before launch. Whichever platform you might be playing on, you can get more details in our Outriders preorder guide.

The launch times situation is similar to the pre-loading schedule. On consoles, the game will unlock at midnight on April 1. In the US, this means midnight eastern time, or 9 PM PT on March 31. The PC and Stadia versions will have one single global release time, set for 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on April 1. The publisher noted that the PC launch time being unified is due to store limitations, and it chose this time to assure maximum technical support staff will be available to resolve any problems.

Square Enix and People Can Fly also announced a day one patch for Outriders. It hopes to have it ready to go live before the game does, but it may only become available on April 1.

Those times mark when Outriders will officially launch in full, but the demo is still available and your progress will carry over to the main game. That means you can keep farming legendary loot until the full game launches and go in with your best gear. People Can Fly has been updating the demo with fixes, like a recent patch that addressed an inventory glitch. For more on Outriders, read up on why Trickster is the best solo class.

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